Why You’re So Bad at Organising Events

It’s your birthday, it’s your sister’s graduation after party, it’s your mum’s surprise birthday party and you’ve got to organise something special for them or yourself, but you keep on messing up. What may be the actual problem?
Is it that you’re just very bad at organising such events or you just can’t do it?

It was absolute fun organising my first surprise party. Nothing was difficult with the exception of keeping shut the mouth of those coming for the party. We had to continue reminding them to please be quiet about it. The cake, the food, the drinks and the location.

Why You’re so Bad at Organising Events

1. You’re not Patient: You always want things done on time, the food, the drinks, the water and everything. You just want to make sure every thing would be in before time. Honestly, be ready for delays, they do happen. At times, it’s very difficult waiting for the items especially when all the assurance has been given, but there are unforeseen circumstances, such as traffic and light offs. Just be patient and wait, don’t stress yourself moving up and down, making calls here and there. You may even end up insulting the suppliers who may decide to extend their delay, because apparently, no one likes pressure.

2. You don’t know how to plan: Before every event, whether big or small, from huge funerals to small get togethers, it is highly advisable you have a plan of what you wish should take place. Not necessarily, writing all the things you need but creating an imagination of what you expect.
If it is your brother’s party, what do you want it to be like? How many people you wish were present? Imagine something very beautiful and feasible. If you know you cannot afford what you’re imagining, please ‘re-imagine’ something more friendlier, that would help I suppose.

3. You don’t have alternatives: Once you know people disappoint and are not always on time, get a stand-by. For instance, the baker completely forgot your order, and yes, it happens, and you got to find out just two hours to the event. What do you do? You should have spotted a place you knew you could buy from in case there were disappointments. Always have a generator, it’s a serious requirement. You would not like to have a party in the dark, heat and people knocking down their drinks, that won’t be fun at all. Get a chargeable speaker, test your microphones and you’ll be a good event organiser.


4. You talk too much: It’s beautiful to be a good manager, trying to organise and all, but too much talk may flop your event. You have to be decisive and apt. Don’t say this and say another, say, I want green flowers, and later you say, not green, but something almost green. You should avoid this statement ‘Anything would be fine’. You will be disappointed with what may come out of those words. Be sure of your colours, be confident about the location and seek a second opinion if you can, but too much talking may destroy the beauty of your efforts.

5. You’re not Relaxed: The main thing to be done when organising any event is to relax. Though it seems unreal, it’s very practical. Get a spa treatment or listen to your favourite music.
You sometimes go to programmes and the organisers are moving up and down and doing all sorts of things. This is so common at weddings and parties. In the long run you realise, there was absolutely no need to do that, it just wears you out. Learn to delegate and assign tasks to people you trust and do so ahead of time. This would help you a lot when it comes to ensuring not only the people around are enjoying the program, but you also have time with them because they are there for you.

This article was inspired by two Ladies Bobbywrites worked with on a Committee… Benedicta and Joyce

God bless them and all Bobbyreads…

Photo credit: http://www.bhmpics.com


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