Portrait Saturday. Meet Qelvin, Call him Mr. Photogenic

Bobbywrites has been consistent every Saturday as we bring you great photographs all over the world. Thanks to Cede Arts, we have had stunning photos each week and guess what it’s been a favorite segment of our readers.

This week, we are fortunate to feature one amazing guy who photographs beautifully. I think he’s a definition of a modern day model with a unique style, combining simplicity with a great sense of confidence.

I think he could rock any label and make your product sell. Aside that, he’s got a great sense of humor.

Enjoy the stunning photos below

Classy but simple

Waiting for Mrs. Right?

So cool

Beautiful evening

Just for you

Men with style


Goodies for the ladies

Waiting in thoughts

Hey Fam, have a great weekend. I know we’ve made you smile with these great portraits.

Special Thanks to Qelvin and his photographers

God bless y’all…

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