Five Dangerous Addictions.


We all have addictions. Whether we like it or not, we all have things that take most of our time during the day.

Christians wish they had better addictions, like Praying a lot, spending time in Worship, Giving and Sharing the word of God. Students wish they had better addictions like Reading, Studying and Learning their notes, Group Meetings and all those positive traits.

But what do we see these days? We are addicted to things we can’t even recognise. Yes, because we think we are fulfilling our daily tasks.

For a normal day, someone would say, I was able to study, to meet my friend, call my family and read my Bible. But the truth is sometime ago, you used to do all these better. But now the time for these activities have reduced drastically. Let me take you through these dangerous addictions.

1. Unnecessary Boredom

Have you ever answered this question before, how did you answer it? Someone calls you and asks, John, What are you doing now and your response was Oh, I’m just lying there Or you go to work and your colleague sees you’re very tired and unprepared, and she asks, What did you do all weekend and your answer is I don’t even know, I was just there If you’ve ever answered questions these way, then you have to be careful. One Pastor said, every time you spend ‘Just there’ is a sin and you’ll be accountable for it. Boredom is different from resting or taking a nap. You’re just not doing anything. That’s when the evil one builds castles of thoughts you can’t even understand. Awake, arise, get something doing, you’re filled with lots of potential to make boredom your addiction.

2. Series
In a conversation with a friend, he asked her, Have you watched Merlin before, Yes. What about Big Bang Theory, Yes, and for the next five minutes, all her answers were positive. Great!!!
I think it’s not that bad to have one or two series’ you watch, maybe, the ones you really like. But to spend a whole day watching series could get you in trouble someday. Some spend most of their time arguing and discussing about the series they watch. They talk and feel good about the fact that they have watched all the current series’ in the world.
Even Parents and Market Women fall victim to these. For these Mexican soaps which always talk about love and portray the positive side of revenge, that’s what they like. And some discuss them with their children too. No, no. This is a serious issue, and the moment we start pulling back, we are moving to a higher level, discovering more about our God.

3. Phones
You thought I was going to mention that one first, because you know it. It’s serious. Do you remember the day the lights went out, and you did not have battery power? How did you feel?
These days it’s the Phone, the Phone, the Phone. I found out on someone’s phone he had all the games and apps and he barely did anything other than use his phone. Others spend time talking and talking with God knows whom.
Could you quantify the amount of money you spend buying phone credits? Friends, let’s. get real, let’s wake up and start something positive. Addiction to the phone is taking away our social life, the beauty of family life and even our Spiritual life.

4. Social Media
Jennie said ‘I use viber, Watsapp, Yahoo Chat, Facebook, I’m an Active Twitter user, and I just bought a Black Berry too, have subscribed to the free SMS and she continued’ She said, I spend about nine hours on my phone in a day, it’s fun communicating with real people. But I asked, ‘Are you sure, they are real people?’
Women are cooking, they’re holding their phones chatting, whilst driving, people are chatting, and what do we chat about, absolutely NOTHING. Surprisingly, with all these hours spent chatting, we could have called and said everything in five minutes or less.
We could do far better. Don’t limit yourself to this platform, engaging in unfruitful conversations and unnecessary conversations.

5. Pornography
I was prompted by an online research some days ago. The stats were fantastic. With a church program I attended recently, it was discovered that most church leaders and school position holders had this terrible addiction. This time, even on social media, it’s more available, people are more bolder and confident in exposing these images and videos. The question I ask is, Where from all this?
It is from these trivial but serious four addictions that are taking our time with God for quality prayer and worship. Christians today don’t spend time with God as they used to do. They don’t share the word as they used to. Change, is what we need.

Dear Bobbyreads, we need to change, but before that, we need accept the fact that we are spending less time in church, in the community and even with our families because we have found another world where we relate with people we know aren’t going to take us anywhere.

Spending time with God in Prayer and worship will surely be the way forward. Reading the word, reading motivational books, playing local games with our family members could strengthen the bond and keep us in check.

It’s tough, but Grace abounds.

Have a great week… #Blessings

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