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New to me

This love is new to me
The way she winds and rolls my heart
I said its new to me
Her eyes, her body, her smile
Brings life back to ma world
So new to me
She holds to me tight
And we are gonna fight
Defend our love to the night

Gonna hold you close
Baby you rock ma world for real
Never a dream but for sure
New to me, this is new, new to me

This girl is new to me
Na she ago marry, na she be ma own
You are so new to me
Designed with a heart of love
You dey kill me with your vibes
So new to me
Baby hold ma hand tight
Hold me through to the night
It’s a new kind of flight

Ago tell mama say
You be the only way
To ma heart and my day
Your love is new, new new new to me

New to me by Bobbywrites©


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