What Best Friends Can and Cannot Do? Shocking Experiences!


Good morning dear friends, you know it’s you who make Bobbywrites possible and we here, love you all to the maximum. Last week, I promised you on our relationship corner, that, we were going to discover two relationships that expose the activities of some ‘best friends’ and other best friends as well.
Let’s read and learn folks…

Story 1.

Thought we would be friends forever when we first met. We had so much in common. Even the same birthday..we shared practically everything and secrets too. It all started when I introduced my boyfriend to her for the first time seeing his pictures and talking to him over the phone. Not knowing, she had a crush on my guy so she started telling him lies about me. Horrible lies like me being a whore. Unfortunately, the guy believed her instead of because of his insecurities. This made us argue most of the time. I didn’t know anything then till he couldnt hold it anymore and told me all what my so-called bestfriend has told him. He didn’t believe me so we broke up. I found out a week later that he was dating my friend. I was soo mad and disappointed that i had to end things with her too. I thank God i broke up with him anyway. As to how things are going for them, i have no idea. Im just happy now i got rid of them.

This a good experience, and a real one by one of our fantastic Bobbyreads.

Story 2

What Best friends cannot do

It takes a lot to hurt a friend who you love, love with a good heart. Like David and Jonathan, that is how a true best friend behaves.
Julia was my friend for three years, we became best friends not long ago. But she was beautiful and I loved her, very well. When she came to my room, we laughed and shared a lot of information. But this particular day, as I was going home, I heard two guys in a shuttle talking about Julia. I knew it was Julia because they added her surname and where she stayed, in fact, her apartment number. I sat quietly and listened, the radio was on in the shuttle, and I told the driver to kindly reduce the volume. I listened to them very carefully and enjoyed all the new news they were releasing about my friend. One boy said she had had sex with three friends so far, and he described how cheap she was. Strange!!!!

What will a best friend do in this situation

I boldly got down of the shuttle that day, it was way too much to handle. The two guys, I took a careful look at and went back to my apartment. That evening, Julia came to my apartment. I was confused. Do I tell her or not?

So I played the recording of the conversation, Julia stared at me, she began crying. ‘Is there anything you haven’t told me besty?’ I asked.

She began, it’s true I had a life before becoming Christian. I went out with lots of guys and shamefully had an affair with two of them.

I felt betrayed, because I think I should have known earlier, at least, to avoid all this, what could I do? I sat her down, gave her all the new creation story, and told her not to cry. We hugged deeply, that kind of beautiful strong hug.

A week after, I sat in the same shuttle and these same guys were in the car. This time I made sure I alighted exactly where they did and I asked them if I could talk with them for some time.

In fact, I gave it to them, seriously, and all those passing by looked at them with disgust. Their story was not true, although it had some truth, and after all, was it their concern?

They left so embarrassed and I felt I had accomplished so much.

What a best friend can do!!! But please don’t try this at home if you don’t have the ‘muscles’.

Best friends are treasures, you cannot do without, treasure them today, you’ll be happy tomorrow.

Photo credit: creoleindc.typepad.com

Have a great day Fam, God bless you all…


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