Journey of Sorrow

I wrote this poem for a church program, and it carries lots of messages for people who trust their best friends with every information. This week, we are going to focus on how to deal with betrayal and hurt from people you really love. Read this Poem and see if you could learn something today…

God bless your week Fam…

Journey of Sorrow

New, strong and hopeful
Gathering my joy, all to meet sorrow
My desperation was a painful tomorrow
He came to me, strong and manly
His body, his money, he was lovely
I need you bay, I gave my all
Hidden for the future was a great fall
When a viper came my path
Clothed in amazing friendly masks
Shared my thoughts and all my tasks
In her hand dwelt a sharpened dagger
She was envious, more than dangerous
Spelling my name, she called me Hitler
Talking my gain, she called me cheater
Blind to note, I still poured my details
And now, I’ve lost my lover
What did I do wrong?
I forgot my greatest lover, my Jesus, my Savior,
My Rock, my Fortress and Deliverer
For human help that surely withers
It struck my heart and left me bitter
In my hands is my potion
I’m terminating this motion
No more hope, nothing to live for
See you soon, down in the pit
Those who refuse the heavenly gift…

By Bobbywrites©


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