Portrait Saturday… A Role Model, Let’s Talk Inspiration

Cede Art is doing a wonderful job and I must say, he is doing well blessing us with artwork we cherish.

Today I chanced upon his art work of The beautiful Yvonne Nelson.

She’s come very far in the movie industry and as I do, on Saturdays, we inspire you with the super traits of these amazing people…


This Portrait is absolutely stunning. Her smile, the background and the make up…

Believe In Yourself
Yvonne is strong, considering some of the daring roles she’s played in some movies, I think it’s just confidence in what she has within. Apart from acting, her pictures for some labels are just beautiful, that I call confidence. We are too precious to spend our time looking down on ourselves, rather than moving forward with the full force of our elements that can make us soar.

Try New Things
Yvonne models too, you knew she could only act right? No, break your barriers, if you can sing in church, why don’t you learn how to play the keyboard too? It’s an amazing world with so many more exploits to do. Rise and move forward, you can just do it.

Share Your Experience
Find people to share your stories with, people you trust, you respect and love. She’s had bad experiences when it comes to love but that has not restricted her from sharing her story. Sharing your story gives people hope, opens people’s eyes and you know, prevents others from doing same.

Learn To Smile
I don’t know how many times you smile in a day, but so far, with all the events I’ve seen Yvonne at, she smiles. Though there may be problems within, just keep on smiling, trusting in God

Don’t Stop Praying
In all her interviews so far, Yvonne has not hidden the fact that she believes in God. She says, ‘I go down on my knees and pray’ We all know what prayer does, and I know you’re ready to move heights by starting a great prayer life, I mean Now!!!

God bless you fam… Have a great weekend.

Much love and Peace…

Thank you Cede Arts, we just love your work.


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