I need a best friend, A good idea?

In a world of so many challenges and tension, one cannot live a cheerful life without friends. They make us smile, cry, argue and laugh. True friends are treasures, they are the pearls we hold in our hands and cannot let them slip away. But the real thing is, Is it necessary at all to have best friends?

Who is a best friend then?
Generally, something that is best is chosen from among the lot, so I’ll say your best friend is the friend who tops all your friends when it comes to choosing who is most compatible with you, who probably has the same interests as you also do.

Others say a best friend is Someone who plays a very important role in your life. They are close to you most of the time and stay glued to you no matter the situation.

Best friends share a lot, play, make fun, argue and even quarrel at times. But the joy is, they always work things out before it gets out of hand.

How Do I Know I Can Trust This Best Friend
This is a necessary question we need to have an answer to. How do you know this is a true best friend. Can you trust him or her, can you share that secret or listen to his or her secrets?
The answer varies, but obviously a lot if study and tests could show if such a friend could be trusted as a best friend. Some people are too quick to choose friends as best friends and make the mistake of saying too much when they have trusted little.


How many People Propose Best Friendship
Just a few people make it known that this or that person is a best friend or not. If you’re ready to share secrets and have all the fun together as best of friends then definitely, you should at least tell him or her if you want them to be your best friends.
Funny enough, some people have best friends who have other best friends some where else. What a world!!!
It’s better if you let your friends know if you really want them as best friends rather than leaving things to chance and assuming they are your best friends.

There have been times best friends have stabbed others in the back. These aren’t good experiences. Some steal their best friend’s lovers, others gossip about them, some even pollute their friends for their own benefits.

Do you have any idea to share as we discover more on handling betrayal and backbiting when it comes to best if friends? Share them on the blog or send them via email…

Next week, another special person shares her story about her best friend’s betrayal and how she handled it.

Happy October Fam. God bless you so much

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6 thoughts on “I need a best friend, A good idea?

    • Thank you Benedicta, your comment is the first one supporting the idea of best friends, most of our readers had bitter experiences to share. We are grateful and we’d love to hear your part on great friendship soon

  1. Great piece, i wish we could conduct a survey on who guys and ladies consider as a bestfriend. Their general expectations and how far they r willing to go in their friendship(their limits as best friends)

    Wonderful writing! There comes a time in life when you need somebody to hug, somebody to laugh at, somebody who knows you very well to bring out the best in you, somebody who will always be there for you no matter what, that’s the reason for best friends. I really need one. lol

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