A Night Of Hymns with Pax Romana Choir KNUST local.

It’s here again and the Angels of Heaven have touched down the earth to join the awesome and super talented voices on the KNUST campus to Praise God, through His Son, inspired by the Holy Spirit.


Through inspirational and wonderful hymns, the night promises to be exceptional as the Pax Choir treats you to sumptuous melodies on different levels with words that would fill your heart and soul with peace to drive you into heavenly glory.

You don’t want to begin your semester with nothing else except the chance to be uplifted by these songs.

This year’s theme focuses on the Holy Spirit, His exceptional encounter with man and His illustrious ability to use empty vessels like ourselves to perform wondrous works.

Don’t miss out on the surprises Pax choir has to offer you on that day, and the chance to fellowship with your friends and brothers in Christ.

Come on Friday at 6:30pm with a friend, come guys, with your lady friends and commit your relationships to God’s hands, the academicians, come with your grades and allow God take you to the uppermost class…

Cantate…. Pro Pace…

God bless you all, don’t miss out, invite a friend…


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