Portrait Saturday… Shatta Wale

Thanks to Cede Art, our portrait is that of the ‘king of Dancehall’ Shatta Wale.


The Bible talks about the Kingdom of God suffering violence and the violent taking it by force, but Shatta’s fame suffered some violence of some sort and he had to take it by force, probably by shaking some grounds during the just ended Ghana music awards.

No one would support such an act but its helped him in a way. He’s shown great maturity and has become an icon for most of the youth…

He immediately apologised for his act and has since then acted with a remarkable effort to mend all broken and torn parts. Did you see how he danced with Kaakie during the Kaakit up tour?
This ‘Let’s put this behind us’ attitude by Shatta Wale Is recommended for our showbiz, at least to reduce the unnecessary squabbles and noise.

With his current songs and appearances on many talk shows and radio interviews, Shatta is doing a great job. One of his interviews I enjoyed most was the ride through his neighbourhood on the 30minutes show on Viasat1.

Shatta Wale made some references to Sarkodie? Any mystery behind those words? Lets see if our readers could help us find out.

Bobbywrites wishes Shatta Wale the best of his career.

Bigups Shatta Wale…

Great weekend…

Special thanks to Cede Arts for this beautiful portrait…


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