Upcoming Stars… Let’s Talk Deepest Thoughts

Born in cape coast…22nd December 1992… Raised in Sekondi although his family has been moving in-between Ghana and Nigeria but he considers Sekondi to be his main home…As a kid he has always been in his big brothers shadow so it obvious that when his big brother got introduced to rap via a neighbour who always had showbiz magazines and hip-hop albums which he always used to borrow, his neighbour taught he and his big brother the basics of rap… He started singing at the age of ten but lost interest and switched back to rap and he has perfected with time and still learning more ways to polish his art…

Most artist such as Leonardo da vinci, Donatelo, and music legends such as Nas and Canibus, rakeem get most of their inspiration from society they live in and sometimes their deepest feelings or what happens around them, Kobbe being an art student in high school and a good artist as such mentored these legends and saw their vision as a tool to success. He incorporated them both in his paintings and his rap verses. Its cliché that most human beings seek out music as a source of comfort so whenever he is in a lonely mood, feel depressed, happy, or in any negative situation (vibe) he prefers to turn it into a positive by writing a song with it

Currently kobbe is working on his first Mixtape “DEEPEST THOUGHT” and is unsigned to any label…He is a member of Gratia entertainment a group he started with his friends to serve as movement for he and his colleagues to fame..you can download Deepest Thought a single off the mixtape “DEEPEST THOUGHT” here>>> http://www.hulkshare.com/k9kj2eelcnb4
“Full mixtape comes out on the 28/10/13. For now five tracks are out the remaining seven are to be released along with the already released 5 on 28/10/13…




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