Don’t abuse ‘I Love You’

They are only three words, but they mean more than what it seems. Some people have vowed never to say it until marriage, certainly, when they are very sure of what they are entering and where they are going.

Strange enough, when it comes to relationships between guys and girls, I love you becomes quite common these days. Why? Because both are buying and buying and buying. It’s his birthday, you get her the S4, and she has no option than to obey the joy compressed in her mind and proclaim, I love you, bay, and if you’re so lucky, you get, to the maximum; there’s none I’ll ever meet like you, you remain all I ever have… And you know where it’s going.


It’s beautiful to show love but to say it demands extra responsibility. I’m not referring to the usual ones we say to our parents and friends, but the one that leads to marriage and eternal commitment.

For guys, it’s not much of a problem at times, since they may have heard it over and over again by virtue of being in past relationships. But for girls, the moment it is said, it becomes for them a password. ‘If he says he loves me, then, I honestly will love him as well. Even if I don’t, I’ll keep all others off and keep him dear, because he said the words’.

A necessary commitment is demanded after that. You have to try to keep trying, keep believing in the motivation that pushed you to say those words.
Infact, people have been entirely irresponsible when it comes to that.
Absolutely no commitment, no care, no difference.
That is unacceptable. That means a lot, that means more, it’s a relationship booster, it makes you a better man, a better woman.

Love is powerful, love cannot be mishandled. You hurt love, love can stone you back gently…

Be responsible for every word you register in a relationship, remember commitments and be true to your words, apologising when you’re wrong and become a better you.

Happy Wednesday Fam…


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