Where love lies

We all need love
Beyond and above everything
Our Maker is love
He made us out of love
Love belongs to life
So birth is from love
Nothing supersedes love
It goes far beyond the stars
Don’t try to understand love
There’s always something new
Your lover is your liver
Without them you’re down
Love is a stream, a river
Love flows, love refreshes
If love is still, it is unproductive
It is transferable and uncontrollable
Love is divine and refined
You cannot feel or describe it
Sometimes it knocks you down
But most times it lifts you up
When you’ve experienced love
You’ve experienced life
Love is all you need to know
Love yourself, you were born to live
Love your neighbour, they need it
Love the poor, they’ll smile and bless
Love your enemies, they’ll die early
Love your family, you’ll cherish unity
Love your God, and that is wealth..

By bobbywrites…
Enjoy your weekend with love



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