Health-Newest Drug on the market. Check it out now.


Arise and shine, A team of scientists bobbywrites assigned have discovered a new drug that relieves the pain of all children with disabilities of any kind.
Bobbywrites toured the local pharmacy shops to see if there were some on the market, but I wasn’t surprised, I did not find one. I wasn’t, yes.

This drug cannot be found in any pharmacy shop, in any hospital or even in the largest medical research institute in the world.

What at all is bobbywrites saying?
This is what bobbywrites is saying.
A child with a disability needs to get healthy, not worse. The fact that the child is disabled, does not make him or her incapacitated. It rather builds a new world of possibilities and exploration.

Unveiling The Drug
1.This drug is very expensive but cheap to acquire.
2. It does not expire, but could be destroyed if not handled well
3. It doesn’t come in the pill or liquid form
4. You need not keep it in a cool dry place, no, you’ll destroy its function.
5. When given to children with any disability it takes sometime to react, but eventually it performs its function of relieving pain, if not totally, massively.

Where to purchase the drug
You could purchase this drug in the part of the body that helps your life the most. Your heart. You could also purchase it from the mind and the mind’s eye. Read further…

As it unfolds, I know you are curious now, and the smart ones know very well what bobbywrites is talking about.

The new drug for Children with disabilities is …………..


Love is the only drug that could be given to a child with a disability.
There’s no dosage but just give millions and millions of this drug.
It is important to know that to make love have its full effect on children with disabilities of any kind.
But there’s something worth noting. The love shown to these kids should not be the one that limits them but rather one that makes them know that they could try and make life comfortable for themselves. When these children show interest in a sporting activity or anything beneficial, they shouldn’t be stopped. The love we have for them should be able to catapult them into the realm of opportunity, churning out the good things in them.

Giving them the love drug will go a long way to support these children to a new level of greatness.

So I found some ‘slogan’ for the love drug for children with disabilities.

‘ Feel the love, forget the pain’

Cheers Bobbyreads. I’m happy we found this drug, we will dispense it well and keep making our children, who have faced life this way, grow healthier and stronger.

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