True Blindness


This one, all should know
Ignorance was never snow
Because in her dark mode
People have adopted her code
This human body cries
When the visions of the wise
No longer promotes the good
But pushes others like wood
When we get into conditions
We should forget the traditions
That colour is only an element
Not any requirement
The human body is sad
Yes, because man is still bad
He’s blind and has forgotten
That red blood he’s gotten

Heavy the blindness of he
Heavy the ignorance of she
Who calls a sister black
Who calls his race wack
Who says you are white
Don’t come to this site
For it remains our ground
When God owns all ground
Sometimes when at work
People refuse to talk
Because no good they see
In talking to another seed
Haha, white or black is the mind
Good thoughts you sure to find
In the mind so simple
That welcomes all people
Come and know you all
That we together never fail
For unity never trails
Oneness would never fail
Know this: All colours is one

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