My mind won’t rest
I’m writing a test
A descriptive essay
Look, It’s not easy

Gold, yes real gold
See I’m very bold
Spread on the street
Waiting for your feet

This place is awesome
It’s beyond what’s handsome
All there is pure white
There is no freight

Dwell there one minute
You’ll wish you were minute
So you could hide within the walls
And see the water falls

Cleanliness and orderliness
Present in exact aptness
Sweet smelling scents
Fragrance you can’t buy with cents

Water flows, streams run
Lions and humans have fun
What else can I say
Nothing, but I know you wanna stay

The beauty of this place
Is more than a kingdom’s palace
Even the Prince will bow
And the guard will row

Holy, holy, holy
Praise and worship only
Light, light and light
Everything’s just right

Heaven is adorable
Everything is impeccable
There’s the Father and Son
Waiting with the Spirit for you, son

By bobbywrites

Photo credit: wall.alphacoders.com
Happy Sunday fam


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