Child labour (Special Dedication)


There are so many voices
Some cry from the desert
Others from the grassland
From the surface of water
Another group wails
Why are they wailing?
Do you hear them at all
No, it is a silent cry
Pain you cannot discuss
How dare you say
Mama, where’s my pay?
That’s where you thrive
Your mouth is shut

Life is hard
Never easy, we all admit
A child is a treasure
Polished with great ability
Furnished and fashioned
Their minds deserve education
Their bodies need that rest
Remember your first brick
How hard it was to hold
Yet this boy strives
Carrying loads on his head
Cos that’ll be his daily bread
What lies ahead
No one knows except the King

The world cries
Let this one thing end
The pain of a treasure
So dear does not help
It kills, it demoralizes
Come, come you all
Chiefs and kings alike
Speak for the lads
Bless them with love
And treat them like doves
Cos there’s great potential
In every creature…

By bobbywrites

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