Health update… How to ‘steam’ an injection

Hello hello hello. Today is health Tuesday and on the health board is ‘How do you ‘steam’ an injection?

‘Call four strong boys, hurry up’
These were the words of the headmistress of a school because a girl was too scared to take a vaccination.

You would agree that injections have never been fun. Especially when you know you have no particular disease and you have to go in for some as a preventive measure against a particular disease. You ask yourself, Oh, I’m I not perfectly well? But when you’re real ill and you need it, no one tells you. You’re so eager and ready to conquer your fears. But there are still some who are real scared of needles.


Why are people scared?
Lets see, if you are in a queue awaiting your injection, you’re very likely to have an injection scare. Especially when two children are in line and the other one is real scared, you may have an injection scare. The facial expressions and the yells alone are enough to make you wonder what would happen to you.

The object itself, the needle. That’s another major scare. People have asked, is there no other way we could have those liquids in our systems rather than having them injected? But it’s a hurdle you have to jump.

Bobbywrites spoke to a young child to find out why children are so afraid of injections and these were some of the weird thoughts in his mind…

Before my first injection, I thought the needle could move deep into your skin and come out from the other side of your hand.
I thought it could peel off my skin. Got me very scared.

If you have not experienced any injection scare yet, wait till you have the opportunity to donate blood. That needle is quite huge… But no matter the case, we have to receive injections for a reason or the other. It becomes necessary at times. But how do we avoid the injection scare.

These are remedies and suggestions by some readers,
Gee said
If you are an adult and you’re scared, go with your child, a nephew or a niece. That will give you some courage, at least, you don’t want to disgrace yourself in front of a child?

Harold said
If you’re taking a child to the hospital for an injection, promise him or her something, a drink, money or something he or she likes. They’ll ‘steam’ well.
He shared a story of how his sister did not cry after she went in for am injection because his mom had promised to buy her a milkshake after the injection. ”It was so funny, she did not even say ouch” he said.

Mel said
There’s nothing I can do about it, if I’m scared, I’m scared. I avoid injections by searching for the pills or the liquids. Ouch, they hurt, I just can’t take them.

Dennis said
You know, I won’t allow anybody to see my butt. It’s quite small and I’m embarrassed… Lol…but that’s my scare though, not the pain, my shoulder is cool.

Salma said
You see the way these nurses frown before, that’s my only scare. Oh, it’s over dramatised. Is that a skill or they just like scaring us?

Injections are good, especially when the drug has to work fast, of the health experts will agree. But no matter what, I think it’s psychological. The earlier you make up your mind, the faster and quicker the process becomes.
There’s no point in shouting and screaming always, because eventually, you’ll come back for it.

All the best dear Bobbyreads.
God bless you all..


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