God bless Ghana. Bobbywrites Congratulates Ghana

Where will I begin, where do I start?
A Ghana to remember, A God to proclaim
In such tough times, His arm proved mighty
Our joy is complete, our hearts are at rest.
God bless the Judges, For they availed,
Their minds, heart and will to His Guidance
Without partiality, without discrimination
They listened, they admonished, and spoke.
In patience, before our own eyes, they showed their love
For the rule of law, Ghana and its greatest asset, Peace.
God bless the lawyers, for they proved,
Respect beyond compare, truth and honesty,
In delivering their evidence, they smiled in seriousness
This characteristic so rare, except in God’s own land
Their anger, their joy and their tension
They handled professionally, putting Ghana first.
God bless Nana and Mahama the Presidents
Presidents of peace and understanding
Availing themselves to God’s discipline
Listening to the cries of the hopeless within our land.
Nana, your courage will forever be remembered.
A hero, A mentor and a disciple of justice.
We love your courage, your understanding and patience
Mahama, strength beyond compare,
Dexterity and confidence to rule and shield
These we wish you and your administration
God bless Ghanaians
Our security, religious, our media and all
Whether we understood or not, whether bad or good.
Our God remained the ruler, His angels descended
Some hearts though are burning, are being cooled by angels
Help is thrown from beyond, blessing the minds of Ghanaians
Did Ghana have enemies, Did Ghana have people who envy her?
Whether they exist or not, God’s grace just scattered and dispersed
Their dirty and wicked minds. His eyes are watching.
Call those who ran away, summon them and lecture them
Teach them democracy, teach their minds to know faith.
God’s peace forever remain..
Shine Ghana. Shine Ghana.
God bless Ghana…




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