Who talks first when there’s a problem. He or She?

When there is a quarrel in a relationship there are several ways to resolve them. But since a relationship involves two groups of people, one has to break the silence. In as much as the partner at fault should break the silence, at least that is right, the one who feels right should at least show some maturity and ask for an explanation or an apology.

The silence is not always the situation where both aren’t talking to each other. It is when both are aware there is something wrong but decide to overlook it. No no, it should be solved.

But it’s not always so, girls are always seeking an apology, waiting for guys to say sorry. In actual sense, this is the norm. But some guys have some guts though. The perception being that girls are weak in the inside and will definitely break the silence as time goes by. But sometimes it’s so obvious the lady is so wrong and has to talk first.

From petty issues like lateness to serious issues like an affair with another guy or girl, one partner always has to say something first.

If that is the case, today’s question is, is it he or she who should break the silence?

These were some comments from some of our readers on this issue…

Daniel said
It depends on who is suffering and what the problem is since there’s no actual laid down rule that this person or that must say something

Grace said
He should do it. It’s his responsibility

Fii said
She should say sorry whether its her fault or not. She’s still the woman

Eddie said
Guys will always have to show that we are the bosses.

Keith said
The offended one must air his or her view. You can’t keep hurting.

Thank you, I found these comments highly insightful.

But I went on to ask, doesn’t the offended one prove to be weak if they are always seeking for an explanation when issues come up.

When to say sorry
Tough right. Very very challenging.

Lets leave that for another beautiful Wednesday when we may have an expert on board.

Cheers Ghana. Lets pray for peace. Lets live in love. God bless Ghana



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