Health First. Screening the Helps.

You need someone to help you at home. You’re a carrier woman, he’s a carrier man. You both work from 5am to 6pm and live in a city like Accra. There are three kids, and the oldest is seven years old. You’re very desperate. Where can you find help?

This situation needs much attention and could not be overlooked. So the woman always suggests it first. Sweet, why don’t we get someone to help us with the home. Since, this and that.

Careful men are reluctant initially, but in the end, they give in and accept the proposal anyway.

In two weeks or less, you get a house help and the responsibilities are spelled out, one by one. You’ll wash, cook the food, clean the toilet, sweep and go to the market for me. So the help begins to start full work and becomes a part of the family.

What is the health question today?
In as much as we are desperate to find help at times, how many of us go through correct medical checks before employing these helps to take care of our homes?. These checks include psychological, emotional and health checks.

A couple employed a help and due to their busy schedule they believed they had provided all for the upkeep of the home. They had three children, very beautiful ones. Although the help was very good and polite, tidy and disciplined, she caused the family a whole lot. She decided to cut the children’s fingernails one day. She used a blade but she had a cut when doing hers. She did so to the three kids. Apparently, the help had HIV. It was realized two weeks after they had sent the last child to the hospital for a check up.

Scenario 2
A divorced man has two children. A seven year old daughter and a five year old son. The help apparently a boy, exploits these children by inserting his hand into their details.

These two events are disheartening to know. But the truth is they really occur. Bobbywrites seeks to discover how we could protect the health of these helps.
These are few tips I thought of. Are they helpful?

1. Take them through proper health screening, at least, before they enter the home. This will assure you they have no diseases that could affect your family.

2. Give them good training. Teach them proper hygiene and make sure they appear neat. If they are going to handle your food, they should handle it right.

3. Give them a special room to themselves. If possible, one with a bath and toilet. They are just like you and your family. That does not mean you should isolate them or maltreat them. Be health conscious but do it with love.

4. Interview your kids when you come back home. Don’t trust them too quick with the stuff they say. For a reason I don’t know, some kids lie against helps.
Probably, the helps are preventing them from their ‘stubborn’ moves

These are very important tips that could help get rid of such instances as stated in the two scenarios I stated above.

Helps notwithstanding could be pleasant and some even become a blessing to the home. On the other side of the coin some of the helps are dangerous threats.

God bless you for reading today’s update.
Enjoy your day… Dear bobbyreads



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