The phone to buy

Decision afternoon…


Buying a new phone is today, one of the massive things everyone would try considering. For various reasons, we all need a new phone. Bloggers like myself really need it for the propagation of our dexterous pen skills, girls need it for more texting and fashion and guys need it for their games and software.
Funny enough, I was amazed by one girl who said… ‘This phone makes me feel good especially when I fix my nails’ I feel classy and sexy altogether.

Let’s consider five things you should consider before buying a new phone.
1. Is your current phone really old?
This question should be answered. If you’re blessed to be using an HTC one x, why would you want to buy an HTC one with so much urgency. Some people have no option than to buy a new phone, maybe there’s a screen crack or the phone is damaged beyond repair. In case your phone is manageable and addresses all your current needs, self control would be key here, to limit unnecessary spending.

2. Why are you buying this new phone?
There are various reasons why we all want new phones but make sure the phone you’re buying would address all your ‘phonal’ needs. It would be sad to buy a phone that consumes a lot of battery power if you’re a busy fellow and find it difficult to charge your phone due to excessive business movements. Let the phone you are buying be a full source of satisfaction to your personal needs.

3. Who are you impressing with your new phone?
It’s not a matter of people having phones, but these days phones are bought by users for other people. Some people want to have a call every two minutes in a queue at the bank, buying food or when they’re in class. In case you’re buying a phone to show off, make sure you buy what you can operate, as well as what you’re very comfortable with. If you buy the latest phone, know how to carry yourself about with the phone or you may over impress your friends. Know how to share your phone with the people you love, and don’t restrict them so much as to how they’re to use your phone.

4. Do you really like your new phone?
This is a question you need to answer. Just like buying a new car, buying a new phone is a huge investment. It would be painful on your part to buy a phone you’ld regret having later. Don’t rush to buy a new phone, take your time and choose the best amongst all, and you will have the joy of using the device.

5. Are you secured enough to buy the phone?
This is very necessary since you face a lot of pain if your phone is stolen or taken from you by force. If you’re a careless person or a forgetful folk, are you ready to learn to leave the big phones home and walk in very busy places with the small moderate costly ones. These are all important. You don’t want to be a victim of a phone robbery, it hurts a lot. In case you are ready to work out and take some martial arts class on phone protection, why not? It’s all beneficial in the end.

These are few tips you can consider in buying your new phone, get a good phone, enjoy your new experience…
By Bobbywrites
Photo credit…

Happy Monday. Pray for Ghana. Pray for peace. Lets trust and hope in God. This country will remain firm and strong.


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