Unveiling Bobbywrites

This week I was entirely amazed by innov8 unlimited. They surprised me totally with an amazing art work. So I decided to do a write up on this design for all our dedicated readers.


This is the future of bobbywrites. Light, fame and touching lives.
People ask me, what is Bobbywrites?
Bobbywrites is a writing family that so far has four wonderful contributors, who are always willing to share and give ideas for our updates. We have a Pastor, a fashion expert, an editor and lawyer. These people are infact the lifeblood of bobbywrites and without them, our updates would not be up to the standard we want to see.

People have stories, stories they want to share, things they want the world to hear. On bobbywrites we allow people to share their stories to encourage, inspire and motivate others.

The bobbywrites talk show is next. With a live audience we are touching lives positively. That is a long term mission but things are being put in place to make this big, absolutely bigger than you imagine.

We began campaigning for children with disabilities and creating awareness to increase people’s attention and commitment to love and care for them.

We are moving ahead and the stunning bobbywrites polos are in progress. Send your emails to bobbcee@gmail.com to pre-order. The price will be sent in an email reply.

Reviewing events is a passion bobbywrites has committed to ensuring quality in all activities. Invite bobbywrites to any activity for the best of reviews and responses on shows.


A dream, A passion, A reality.

Special thanks to all readers and beautiful people. More love and peace




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