Exclusive: Innov8 Unlimited. Drawing could make you smile

He will amaze you, fantastic artwork and amazing combination of all the elements of drawing. Colour, shade, and beauty.

So many art designs tour the Internet everyday. But I must say, I had a crush on the dexterity of this wonderful young designer. I was completely blown away.

Metamorphosing from Scarry Graffix to Innov8 unlimited, there has been an extraordinary improvement and he is making hearts smile anytime he shows you the end products.

This is just a simple exhibition of his work. Amazingly, the prices for the drawings are very affordable.

A copy of #AnimeMe goes for 5ghc but 3 copies from one customer goes for 10ghc.

In case you are an up and coming musician, Innov8 Unlimited is also into music cover arts for tracks and albums. It’s just fantastic.

Girls, don’t forget to create one for your guy, mum or dad. They’ll love it.

Happy Thursday Fam.




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