Shocking revelation. How far some Fathers go to protect their girls from guys

Some call them Daddy, others Pa, Dada, Papa, Paapa and so many more. No matter the name you give them, they are still the Senior Men of the house. They are created to guide and guard, motivate and support. Their love for the home could be dangerous. I’ll explain to you why.


When they are children, with only a chest, they can play, almost every game with any young friend. But as soon as their little rounded balls near their chest begin to develop they become invaluable assets. Their price, unmentioned. They are not alone, even in their closets, because someone keeps watching them with eyes that are not realised easily.

On Bobbywrites relationship update, we bring you interesting things that some fathers do just to keep some boys away from their daughters.

Mercy shares…
I was in Junior High and I walked home with three boys and two girls everyday. The thing was that, the girls got home before I did because their houses were much closer. The guys on the other hand lived farther, so I got home with them and they continued. My Dad came home just around the time I also came but he had to rush for church since he was a Parish Elder. He had seen me walk with these guys on some occasions and he once questioned me if I had female friends. I told him ‘Yes’.
He wasn’t satisfied, because this particular day, I was holding hands with Harold. That evening he asked me, ‘How many boys do you hold hands with in class?’ None, I replied.
In a week, Dad had found me a driver, He came to pick me from school everyday. Apparently, he had sternly WARNED the driver not to allow any boy in the car. I had to stop going home with my pals.


We had this group assignment and we were to fix artefacts using cardboards. I was paired with the three guys and two other girls. We chose my house for the assignment, at least I had a summer hut. I told mum the assignment would be for three days. She allowed.
When we were drawing and cutting, Dad did something strange. He came with his newspaper and sat, he had never done that before. He began asking questions, not concerning the work we were doing, but you could guess.
A day after we had finished the work, Dad had purchased two new Security Dogs, as to what that was for….?
Mum bought me a mobile phone and that worsened the case. I caught him checking my messages when I was sleeping. I don’t know what his problem was? Did he want me to get married at all?
When he came to my school on the open day he had written a list of names he had seen on my phone. You know what, ‘He interviewed all of them before going’ I was highly embarrassed.

From this experience, Bobbywrites now asks, What is the point with all these actions? Mercy’s Dad is okay. Some Dads do worse. I know you know.


So I asked these questions
Do Dads give their children a tough time when they treat them this way?

Does this have a psychological effect on the girl’s perspective of marriage?

Does the girl have the idea she’s way too precious to associate with any guy?

Does it make her anti-social?

Does it create trust issues?

So I asked another question…
Is this kind of Dad security attitude beneficial at all?
Some girls said Yes. They claimed some of the girls were naturally stubborn. They needed that kind of training.
They always wanted to explore ans since mothers were usually unprepared to do that, fathers took over and it is good.

Others said no. For trust, embarrassment and restriction reasons.

What are your thoughts on this issue. Bobbywrites would love to hear from you. Leave a comment, send an email to

Lovely Wednesday….

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4 thoughts on “Shocking revelation. How far some Fathers go to protect their girls from guys

  1. no its nt………wen a father does dis to his daughter,he creating more room for da gal to b bad…..since she doesn’t get da chance to visit or play wit her frns ( boys ) ,ani least chance she gets ,she wud misuse it … most at times dese kind of strictness re nt good

  2. The lady tends to do the worst at a little opportunity. Dads Should train their girls in such a way that their girls will learn to live without them since it is a hard irresistible truth

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