Comprehending the world today is not an easy task. It takes a responsible and careful analysis of the economic system, social atmosphere, religious environment and psychological orientation of people around us.
Bobbywrites this week aims at focusing on the youth, our health, lifestyle and spiritual growth of the youth in our ever changing world.

This week features an exclusive interview with one talented musician and artist. His new mixtape is featured on the bobbywrites blog, where I confidently ask him questions about his brand and music. It’s a surprise worth waiting for.

This week, bobbywrites is proud to partner with the one and only modern fashion group in Ghana that assures you of nothing but the best of original African clothing. I’m a fan of their clothing styles, their buttons and the fabric they use. I call their work a masterpiece.

Bobbywrites doesn’t hide anything from our dear Bobbyreads. So I got into a boat with one fantastic dude. His paintings and artwork are inspiring. Blending the elements of colour, balance and beauty, his artwork is an evidence of great dedication to seeing perfection. And if you want to know more, stay with Bobbywrites this week, for that update. You don’t want to miss this.

To the youth of this country, Bobbywrites wishes them all the best in these tough days, as Ghana awaits the Supreme Court Verdict. It is not worth working under any politician who has the tendency to create dispute. They are agents of the devil and have no future. We have to plainly say this, ANYONE WHO PLANS WAR FOR GHANA IS AN IRRESPONSIBLE PERSON WITHOUT A FUTURE.

It’s tough again, especially on the job market. Even with a masters, you have to become extra determined to get employed. You can’t agree more, this takes nothing but prayer and hope in God. It is well…

Cheers to all Bobbyreads. Goodluck this week…


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