Show Review- THE ONE SHOW


The one show just ended another season and bobbywrites is up to the task of bringing our readers exclusive reviews you’ll get no where else but right here.

Talk shows in Ghana have risen in number and they all bring good stuff to the general public. Is there a standard to ensure they bring nothing but quality? Enough, let’s get started right away.

Show Concept
The one show, is a show that addresses issues in a positive manner, brings people closer to their celebrities through interviews and allow the general public to share opinions on issues, through calling on the show and interviews outside. It is shown from five to six every Monday to Thursday, except when the season has ended.

Good publicity of a show cannot be underestimated. Each day, apart from Sundays or so, the one show does not forget to remind you of its existence at least four times. You are updated on Facebook every single day on what topic is going to be discussed and with over 22000 likes, I think the show is well known. They do so on Twitter as well.

One hour is perfect for the show. I personally commend the show for one thing, they never exhaust their time before the show end time. It’s always either they have to wrap up quick or end just on time.


One could not ask for more. Joselyn Dumas and P.Y Addo Boateng are the best people for the show.
The beauty of the cooperation between the host and the co host is something to be admired. (I think that improved as time went on, because we did not see that in the previous seasons) But this time around, there was an amazing cooperation which added extra light to the show.
Joselyn Dumas and P.Y I must commend again are very opinionated but in the end, they nail it by coming to a compromise. Well done you both.

The sponsors of the show are doing an exceptional job. Did you know that three out of every seven women I interviewed about the show actually watched the one show to see the host’s clothing. Other fashion lovers do the same. Clothing, shoes and accessories make you smile when you watch the show.
Make up is good. Who applies that lip gloss on PY’s lip? It’s too much at times. Apart from that, its a plus, well done team.

Stage and Background
For the just ended season, the stage for the entertainment segment was wow. The colors, yellow and green, gave it the theme that suits the segment. The seats are comfortable, and where the ‘gossip’ sits makes it more easy for the flow of the program.
With where the main talkshow takes place, I must say, people are not so impressed. Sometimes the stage looks very squeezed. The couch the hosts use and that of the panel is too close. There’s less space. Playback of the episode D-Black was interviewed would give you a better view. He overshadowed the hosts and more attention was drawn on him rather than the hosts, not only because he wore a large red shirt, but because of the spacing.


Topics this season were very educative. I liked the inspirational Thursdays the most. Well done, all those who shared their stories were truly inspiring.
There were times the panel did not execute the topic on board. Some of them seemed uninformed and uninterested. I don’t know the period they give the panel to prepare but some don’t seem to discuss the topic to the root. All the same, some did, although Akosua Agyapong was not the main panelist, she nailed the topic that day. There’s more room to improve.

Public Participation
The phone in segment and the public interviews on the streets is just the right dose for the shows success. Well done.

An awesome show, 8/10 for the ratings.


Other comments
Baisie… It’s an okay show

Jones… A great show, love the hosts.

Efya… They end the seasons too early. I don’t know if its because I watch it a lot. But come on, its too short.

Deedee… I like it. Its more original than most other similar shows in Ghana… Its fun and has bettee things to talk about

Francisca… I love Joselyn… She’s splendid.

Frema… It’s a very informative show. It’s the ‘one’ show.

Frank, (fashion designer) We would want to see more of fashion the next season.

Bobbywrites special message
We wish the show well, hope they improve on their weaknesses and build on the strengths. They have done well and could still move higher. Well done. Bobbywrites wishes the show the best

Bobbywrites… A dream, a passion, a reality.

Photo credit: The one show, Facebook.

Enjoy the weekend… Treasured Bobbyreads.


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