God’s Presence in Sports? Do athletes train to win or pray to win. Read to know more.


Sports could be involving, your arms, legs, feet and mind are all to co-ordinate to give you the winning result. When in a competition, most athletes talk about their ability to train the more, their dedication to their exercise routines and their discipline.
Is it true that there is a supernatural force that drives the super stars we  know? Are athletes drawn to this force?

Greatest Argument
During international sporting events, We see people praying and seeking God so fervently for their teams to win. But, we knowing God to be fair and just, who does He listen to? Is it the one who trained most, or the one who kept believing in God’s words?
In football, all teams are seen calling on their God, and people ask in their minds, so who deserves the favour of gaining the win.


Bobbywrites went the extra mile to get an athlete in Ghana to share his story with us.
How did he find help in God?

Let’s find out more…

Bobbywrites contacted an awesome hundred metre and four hundred metre runner, who I have had the chance of meeting before. He is Presbyterian and a strong Christian.

Bobbywrites: Could you tell me more about God in Athletics?
Do you win when you train well or when you pray well?
Kofi: Both of them count.
So I went on to ask him
Bobbywrites: So you don’t believe in luck?
As in, you just won by chance?
Kofi: Yeah, I believe in luck
Because sonetimes you just feel like u are not in the race but miraculously you win
Bobbywrites: Do you think it is God who gives the luck? Or faith
Can you differentiate luck and faith
Kofi: Who else?
With luck,you hope it will happen but with faith,you know it will happen
Bobbywrites: Oh that’s interesting.
So how do feel when you lose
Kofi: Very bad
Bobbywrites: But you’ve prayed and lost before, Although you trained?
Bobbywrites: Did you say you failed or you felt you did not pray enough
Kofi: I said i failed
Bobbywrites: But when you win,
Do you say you won? Or God helped you win?
Kofi: God helpd me
Bobbywrites: Thank you

This got me wondering, what is the theory of God in sports? Watch out next week as we find more from another footballer. Then we’ll reach some experts on the topic. Don’t miss out… Enjoy your weekend…

Photo credit: thegospelcoalition.org


3 thoughts on “God’s Presence in Sports? Do athletes train to win or pray to win. Read to know more.

  1. As a Christian who believes God is the Author and Creator of the universe, I believe He alone knows the reason for everything. A team might not train properly or pray but they may still win. Here again, God has a reason for that….He alone…

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