Bobbywrites’ exclusive interview with talented rapper Jay Moh


So the bobbywrites team caught up with Jay Moh, the sensational rapper in the Oil city, ready to blow Ghanaians minds

Bobbywrites: Hello, Jay Moh
Jay Moh: Hello
Bobbywrites: Tell us a bit of yourself
Jay Moh: I’m Jeph Mozu, born on 14th of March 1992 in Takoradi, Ghana.
Bobbywrites: So you’ve been in Takoradi all your life?
Jay Moh: Yeah I guess so
Bobbywrites: Right, what pushed you into doing music?
Jay Moh: I was born with it. As a kid music was what i remember doing the most
Bobbywrites:Tell us, What kind of music do you do?
Jay Moh: I do real music. I think the kind of music comes when the feeling for it comes
Bobbywrites: So you rap and sing?
Jay Moh: Yeah. If that would send the message am sending, Why not?
Bobbywrites: Cool. Tell us a bit about your management?

Jay Moh: I’m currently under trap music entertainment. This a management that work on the perfection of talents for other big labels to sign.
Bobbywrites: So currently means you had one previously?
Jay Moh: I would say i said currently because i would probably move to a bigger one.
Bobbywrites: And by saying a bigger one, is it that trap music is not well established?
Jay Moh:Yeah
It is established but the main focus of trap music is to push people with the talents to a point where a much bigger label than them would want you
Bobbywrites:Well said.
What is your take on the current music trend in Ghana?
Jay Moh: It is gradually progressing to another level
Bobbywrites: What different thing should we expect from your songs?
Jay Moh: Where music from Ghana is internationally accepted. Real life music
Bobbywrites: Cool. Who’s your favorite music icon and tell us why?
Jay Moh: Jay z
He has that kind of thing to make sense in the 16 bars that every other rapper is given but he comes out more lyrical than them
Bobbywrites: Wow, what about Ghana, anyone?
Jay Moh: I have people as icons buh not in music
Bobbywrites: So by saying that, you wouldn’t want to collaborate with any musician from Ghana?
Jay Moh: I would, Why not?
Bobbywrites: Can you tell us who?
Jay Moh: Kubolor and mensa
Bobbywrites: How many songs do you have so far
Jay Moh: I have really taken notice but they are quite a lot

Bobbywrites: Really! And where do we get to hear them
Jay Moh:I’m about to drop a mixtape which is an EP. I just dont want to bring out everything at a flash but taking my time.
Bobbywrites: Alright, what’s an EP though?
Jay Moh: An ep is more than a single but thats not qualify to be a studio album or an LP
Bobbywrites: Any upcoming events?
Jay Moh: No
Bobbywrites: Let’s get into your personal life
Jay Moh: Ok
Bobbywrites: What do you do at your leisure time
Jay Moh: I try to create or recreate music
Bobbywrites: Dating or single?
Jay Moh: Dating
Bobbywrites: Galaxy S4 or IPhone 5
Jay Moh: iPhone 5
Bobbywrites: Well, where can we find or contact you
Jay Moh: Send e mails to
@jaymo_gh is the handle
Jeph Mozu on facebook
Bobbywrites: Alright Jay Moh, bobbywrites wishes you all the best
bobbcee: It’s been amazing talking with you

This was Jay Moh on the bobbywrites music seat this week. We had lots of fun talking together, he’s absolutely ready to hit a speaker near you, GET READY.

Happy August… Cheers.


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