Relationships. What girls really want from their men on their birthday


They are a ‘different breed of humans’. They could be simple, they could be sophisticated but the point is they want it just right.

Guys go through a lot figuring out what their woman may or may not like. Is it advisable you listen to them during the year and identify their special need? Or, you just buy them anything you find okay?

Don’t think too far, here are comments from some wonderful girls we interviewed for this article.

Baaba said
‘Just want a nice meal, nothing fancy on the beach and watch the sunset. Just want his presence, that’s enough’..


‘Anything from the heart’, I asked her. Are you okay with two cedis of bread? She laughed it off.

‘I want him to go out with me. To a pub or restaurant. He should buy me a gift, a phone or dress or jewellery.
‘Oh, and if they’re intimate, sex’.

‘An entire day of pampering. Make me feel like the queen of his world, its not like I’m asking for the whole world?

‘Not big on gifts, just a happy birthday wish at 12 will mean a lot to me. At least, he wants to be the first to wish me’.

‘From my boyfriend, an expensive jewellery would make my day’.

The choice is now in your hands guys, whilst you’re thinking of buying expensive champagnes, customized cars and cakes, what most girls are dreaming of is to have you by their side, obviously, not to make babies that day, but share the time with you and your presence.
Btw, they love gifts too, but 2cedis worth of bread, is way too …….

Happy Wednesday Fam…

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4 thoughts on “Relationships. What girls really want from their men on their birthday

  1. at times girls have a funny way of asking for gifts on their birthdays, some start complaining about a particular need about a month or two to their birthdays. a boy is expected to be sharp enough to realise that….:)

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