Footprints of Mills


The drums are being hit
By men with strength
The women roll on the ground
Their eyes filled with tears
Many ran to the scene
A great tree had fallen
Mighty but peaceful
Commanding but humble

His heart was pure
His mind was clear
Though he may have faulted
His countenance overshadowed
The errors of his reign
In pain he ruled
A nation so great
He was a man so brave

Who killed Mills?
Who made him die?
I just saw someone panic
Did he use a sword?
Maybe God took him away
He could not make the good suffer
He told him, ‘come and rest’
He said, you have passed the test

Today we remember him
With hearts full of pain
Did we actually learn
Anything from his death
All we ask is peace
All we ask is truth
That our nation would learn from him
The true footprints within

Rest in Peace, President Atta Mills
By bobbywrites


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