Health… Keeping the old stronger


They are our friends, our advisors, they are our ‘God sent eyes’ from above. The old and aged. Their health, though may have deteriorated, cannot be made worse by us. They need us, not to take them closer to their graves, but to put a smile on their faces, touching them with our time and love.
The old can be ‘troublesome’, very. The most friendly one complain about everything and everyone, have favourites and at times, decide not to talk at all. The extreme cases of their ‘trouble’ could be when they’re unable to walk and you have to come and clean up after they have pooped or urinated.
These, at times, although unbearable, could be avoided by us if we care and love them.
Most often, we ignore them and pretend they don’t exist. It is really difficult to stay with them but the more attention we give to them, they await their deaths with accomplishment and joy.

How do we help the old grow older.
1. Take them out- Sundays, after church services, you could take the old man or woman out, probably to the beach, an old restaurant or a beautiful scenery. You could also take a stroll with them and show them the beauty of their environs.

2. Read them books- Find their favorite book and you could read with them, each day, two pages or you could read to them the Bible. They draw so much inspiration from the words and even advice you as time passes by.


3. Share your problems. It is beautiful to share your problems with the old. They have more experience and their advice comes very handy in your time of trouble. You should moderate it though, because, in as much as they love to advise you, they wouldn’t want to be happy thinking about your problems, especially, financial burdens.

4. Give them gifts- They may not accept them but its a sure way to keep them smiling each time they hold it close to their hearts. Flowers, pictures and artefacts with historical stories that remind and inspire are of great help.

5. Feed them well- Grandma’s especially love baked foods and Grandpa’s love sugar, at a certain point. This may not always be the case, but feed them with fruits, vegetables and other supplements from their doctors. Help them to be aware of their health, what they should and shouldnt eat. This does not mean they should not enjoy, once a while, burger them up, but the question is, ‘Where are the teeth?’

6. Pray for them and with them- Involve them and keep them aware of the family prayer sessions. They’ll love to preach and give you some interesting tips. Sing a lot of hymns, it gives them refreshing

7. Love them- Don’t allow any person to call them witches and wizards. That kills them earlier and makes them very sad. I’ve had real, painful stories of old women who have been abandoned because apparently, a ‘man of God’ somewhere, called them witches. Love them and learn from them.

Helping the old is opening up your own blessings. Touch one today and receive your blessing, today, tomorrow or forever.

Enjoy your day….
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