Show Review. Vodafone Icons


Today is our first review. Bobbywrites chose to do the review on the biggest rewarding show ever, this was because it won our online show review poll for the week.

The Vodafone Icons show is a show watched by a larger percentage of music lovers in Ghana.

Contestants and Performances
So far, real good. I must personally commend the show for raising the standards. The contestants have done amazing jobs so far. They are well groomed and are ready to learn. You watch the show and you’re like, wow!

*Performance – I’m always impressed by their performance, since they give us something new about music to learn. I was highly impressed with the show when they sang songs by past legends. The guy who sang Iyanya’s Kukere also pulled a stunt during that category’s show.
Their keys, their keys. Some of the contestants do so well but when it comes to their keys, they are constantly reminded of it but who do we blame, the music coaches or the contestants’ themselves. We wish them the best, as the show advances. They could be pardoned for now.

The three judges are perfect for the show. Their comments are precise, no beating about the bush. I haven’t seen any favorites-naming judges yet but on the whole, they’re good. Their in-depth knowledge of music is encouraging.
One beautiful thing is that, although they criticize, they do encourage the backsliding contestants. Well done, Judges.


Benny is doing well, but I think he’s too gentle for a show like this. It’s a good side, but he should shake the crowd at times, be more flexible and involving. Its a little above 70 if we should grade his performance, he should do well.

What else could you ask for? Nothing than a whooping 250,000gh cedis. Well done Vodafone. I was more proud when I heard of the 3131 text and win, I heard of the Vodafone I-Journo. This is just amazing. Well done Vodafone. Big ups

As it stands now, the show is just beautiful. It will pull out beautiful talents that’ll influence Ghana’s music industry.
The stage work is too much, something much simpler with less motions would do, we want to focus on the music not the stage works. Well done Vodafone


Bobbywrites special message
We wish the show well. It’s an amazing show already. 8/10 stars for the ratings. Well done…

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Beautiful Weekend…


4 thoughts on “Show Review. Vodafone Icons

  1. GHC250,000 prizes? Are you sure? Kia Sportage worth around GHC 60000, Winner gets GHC50000, a few samsung galaxys – say GHC10000. That adds up to GHC120000, where is the balance of GHC130000? There is no highest texters prize this year. Universal have agreed a distribution deal, but that has no value unless they put money behind it. I can tell you they have not agreed to do that. Last year’s winners never got the promised prize of a management contract. It’s the same with all the reality shows in Ghana. Winners never get their full prizes and the public continues to believe the hype whilst the producers are ripping off the contestants and the public. You should do more investigation and not believe everything you read. Ask Vodafone for a breakdown of the prizes. They will ignore you.

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