Top five Efya songs


On the Entertainment desk, bobbywrites talks top five Efya songs. It is a major  fact that Efya sings. She sings so well people call her the song bird. Her voice commands, relaxes and soothes you. I loved Efya’s voice from stars of the future, day one, and I liked her more when Dj Black asked her to sing her first song she ever sang on ‘Phamous Tv’ sometime ago on Viasat1. All her songs, I mean all her songs are beautiful. I conducted a short poll and the results were amazing. Here are the top five songs by Efya… Check them out….

Number 5
Nothing. This song is amazing, you should hear it. Efya rapped in the song, she nailed it. It’s a slow kind of song that just keeps your head moving, especially when you’re alone.


Number 4
Sexy Sassy Wahala. This was the sound track for the top Ghanaian movie by Shirley, Adam’s Apples. I loved the fact that she did something very different, trying the beats on a whole new level.

Number 3
Falou ‘Obianuju’ – That song was sensational by Efya. She takes you on a slow ride and calms your nerves. The first day I heard the song on radio, I was highly impressed. Was this Ghana? yeah, it was Gh, but Efya. I call it a Song for Spa and Love.

At number 2
Best in me- You have not heard this song, you haven’t heard music. We have people who just sing but this one from Efya is heartfelt song. You could feel her emotions through the song. Come on, we all know, Efya nailed it and it is a song people would use for top parties and engagements.

Finally, number 1
Life- At number one is the newest song, life. This song stands out because of the strong beautiful lyrics. The fusion of all those instruments make me call this song a masterpiece. The timing is just on point. She just did not sing but displayed her dexterity when it came to the lyrics. Classical music, passionate music, soup inspiring music. That’s what she does, she is the best and nothing else. In this song, she advises, inspires and motivates. There are so many elements in this song I’d not be able to discuss but outrightly it is over the top. Big ups Efya. You need a Grammy for that kind of song.


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It’s bobbywrites… Enjoy your day



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