Bobbywrites interviews IMCS Pax Romana


So the bobbywrites team caught up with Imcs Pax Romana Ghana and decided to interview them on the biggest Catholic conference ever

First, can you tell us, What does Napac stand for?

Imcs Pax Romana Ghana: Napac is the acronym for National Pax Conference

Bobbywrites: Can you tell us a bit about Napac?
Imcs Pax Romana Ghana:Napac is a biennel event that seeks to bring all alumni and current pax members under one umbrella. The maiden edition was held last two years at KNUST and the second edition is coming on at UCC from 24th-28th July, 2013. The main aim is to bring members from over 50 institutions under one umbrella.
It is to create bond and strengthen our social life as well as spiritual life

Bobbywrites: Oh, so its more like a Mega Pax Romana Conference?

 Imcs Pax Romana Ghana: Yes, unlike the meetings attended by only executives, the 2010

Bobbywrites: What should Catholics students be expecting this year?

Imcs Pax Romana Ghana: The 2010/2011 national executives thought of a platform of bringing all members together, well, they should be expecting more..from talks on health, the church,relationships,entrepreneurship and not forgetting the entertainment excursion,sports festivity,quiz and a mega dinner,awards and fundraising night


Bobbywrites: It’s Fully Packed. Do you restrict this program to Catholics alone or all are invited?
Imcs Pax Romana Ghana:
IMCS PAX ROMANA is open to all catholic students and those who have special interest in the movement..hence this conference is open to all but especially CATHOLICS

 Bobbywrites: Is there a reason for your choice of location this year, or it is just co-incidental?
Imcs Pax Romana Ghana: Yes, it because the national seat of pax romana is in the Central/Western zone which we call zone 1..and UCC was chosen

Bobbywrites: Well said, can you tell us at least one major speaker we shouldn’t miss?

Imcs Pax Romana Ghana: The archbishop of cape coast diocese
The vice chancellor of ucc
And. The national chaplain of the movement

Bobbywrites: That’s massive. These are seasoned speakers. So I’m guessing the topics would range from Spiritual to social and economic related issues

Imcs Pax Romana Ghana: Yes, topics include….”the social doctrines of the catholic church, exposition on the year of faith and evangelization. How can a pax member keep his/ her relationship pure? Among others

Bobbywrites: What is your take on the vision of the new Pope on lavish living in the church?
Imcs Pax Romana Ghana:
Pope Francis is a man who really understands charity and ready to lay down his life for the poor….as catholics we need to follow his teachings and offer charity to the poor in the church and society…

Bobbywrites: We hope he remains an inspiration to all young catholics

Imcs Pax Romana Ghana: He surely will

Bobbywrites: When does Napac end?

Imcs Pax Romana Ghana:
28th July, its a four day program

Bobbywrites: What will be your final words for all those who haven’t planned to be there?

Imcs Pax Romana Ghana: They should please try as much as possible to be there because it is going to create a lot of avenues for them interms of jobs, relationships and also build their social and spiritual is so affordable (gh35)and a would be achieved during this conference

Bobbywrites: We are talking about food and accommodation?

 Imcs Pax Romana Ghana: The gh35 caters for accomodation,feeding(3 square meal a day) and excursion. It also caters for dinner as well

Bobbywrites: That’s inspiring to know
Thank you Imcs Pax Romana Ghana for talking to bobbywrites
We wish you all the best with your program

Imcs Pax Romana Ghana:
Welcome, and hope to see you and your crew there.
thank you

Bobbywrites: We’ll try all we can. Have a pleasant day…

Imcs Pax Romana Ghana: thanks and same to you.


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