Health- Alcohol Addiction


Adriana had a bad alcohol problem, she had not been to school though but she had had the privilege of learning how to bake bread and sew. Her husband was a decent gentleman, until he lost his job. To support his wife, he started a small business, a local alcohol joint. To his amazement, he consumed more bottles each day. His wife joined him as well. Their addiction grew worse each day until they were approached by a friend of Adriana’s husband. He dedicated his time and energy to see them rise up together. Today, they both own a big bakery in town and are a living testimony of drug addiction recovery.

Addictions are like sores, the moment they start healing we make the mistake of scratching the surface, causing us to bleed. If we are not lucky we can bleed a whole lot and the sore becomes worse.

The question people ask is, is alcohol intake bad? Researchers claim alcohol reduces the risk of heart diseases and silent stroke, when consumed in very moderate quantities. But some folks have actually taken alcohol as a


second wife or husband. This becomes worse as the days go by.
The question I ask is, When does alcohol become addictive? Is it when you take in excess, or when you cannot live a normal life without it.

Alcohol, has, brought shame to people, causing them to lose their marriages, destroying the beauty of well built homes. We cannot talk about the lives it claims, accidents and health risks.

What then would be the way forward?
Here are some guidelines I suggest.
1. Take out all your alcoholic drinks and sell or throw them away
2. Remember to set your rules before any gathering.
3. Seek professional help, talk to people, abs know their stories
4. Pray and try becoming a better you

There is a star in you that should shine bright, alcohol is too little a thing to stop you from being who God has ordained you to be..

We could all touch the life of someone who is being destroyed by alcohol today

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Peace and love


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