Taking it easy

Life has never been easy and will never be, but our reaction to the situations of life makes us who we are, better or worse. When we take life a bit easier, we are moving a step closer to success.
Easy here does not mean sitting around and having fun and fun, nope, but handling issues more professionally and bearing in mind the fact that all things happen for a good reason. bobbywrites gives us five steps to taking life real easy.


1. Prayer- Hold it or leave it, prayer is the first step to a comfortable life. Not the kind of prayers that can race with an angry horse and still win, but prayers that touch the soul, link up with the angels and provide solutions. They are not necessarily loud prayers but they keep our spirits intact. Such prayers touch our lives and keep us on track.

2. Meditation- ‘A new day is a new way to make a new tray’-bobbywrites I couldn’t agree less because trays are used to support items, the larger your tray, the better your stand. When you meditate, you expand your tray. You keep yourself in shape and make the right choices. Meditation is beneficial to all who face stress, at work, in their marriages or church…

3. Friends and family- To take life easy, we have to recognise these two groups of people. The strange thing is, most of our activities revolve around these two groups, infact, they are what we’ve got. Spend good time with them, as you care about them and make them know you’re there for them. This makes life more easier.

4. Exercise- I know you’re shouting ‘really?’ Yes, really. The more you exercise, the more safe you are. It’s quite difficult for people to recognise that they are actually doing themselves a lot of good when they exercise. Exercising keeps you alert and smart. Have one favorite exercise to motivate you.


5. Help others- Touch other people’s lives and life itself would be perfect. Speak with older people, know their problems and touch them with your aid. Support those who come to you if you can with your time and energy. This would be a stepping stone to a good life

Bobbywrites wishes you the best in this week. Stay blessed Fam. Team bobbywrites

Photo credit newingtonucc.org


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