Praying Ghana… Who prays more, Ghanaian men or women?


It’s beautiful, its encouraging, It’s inspiring. Ghanaians have a beautiful attitude of showing gratitude.
When I watch the matches, I’m inspired, the under twenty satellites, the big boys themselves, also do pray. Whether we win or lose, we still pray.
What pushed me into writing this article is the fact that they do pray on-screen, yes, they show their faith, no matter the circumstance.
Have you watched the National Maths and science quiz, its unbelievable, the contestsants do pray after
But its not so with most of the girls, especially the pageants, I think they’re shy to do that on screen. All they do is to wave and smile at us. Does it conclude that guys pray more than women?


Let’s see… But what about the Aglow, and other churches we see on TV? What I’m saying here is that, guys do pray but dont care where they do, once they’re caught up in the heat, and Ghanaian women do pray as well, but they love to do it together… Agreed?

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