@bobbywrites on Mtn Ghana Stands in Worship


When you hear of mtn Ghana, you may think they are going to meet Naija or they’re about to party somewhere, but today, they are up to something different and absolutely stunning
The first day I saw the commercial on television, I was moved, even the commercial gave me chills, what I call spiritual goosebumps.
Yah, see what I mean, the musical icons from all over the world coming to bless us with awesome songs, is the best mtn could do for Ghana, even in our tensed atmosphere.

Donnie Mclurkin is a man you wouldnt want to miss at the show, his voice commands angels from heaven, and his stage craft has no limit. He gets the choirs inspired and uplifts the crowds to feel the power of worship.
@bobbywrites is proud of this mtn program and we hope, pray and believe more and more come from them.
More still, the location was my problem, we’re experiencing some rains so I thought they would’ve done it in a closed area but It’s prefect if we have clear skies.
Cheers Mtn, cheers Ghana…
Photo credit: highlifetoday.com


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