Happy Birthday Sarko

Lyrics dedicated to Sarkodie


Ahn, ahn,
Been years down the lane
Woan ne edwen s3 mey3 sae
The true God blessed my game
The good things He made me claim
Today I move in the way
Meetings, labels and music deals
Cars and girls, but still on track
Wei ninaa enny3 me nti
It’s a force that lives within my reign

Like a tree in the desert,
Like a rose in the garden
Sarkodie shall teach a lesson
Biibiaa nntumi nnsae me blessing

Yeah.. Let’s go..
Forever standing, still remaining
My fans so great, still supporting
Who are you speak against me
Ogya behy3w’, angels go hurt you
More to come, sit relax
Efris3 Sarko monim, daa mey3 show
Never to sink, girls, give a wink
You feel the track, raise a glass
Cheers to all, who hold me right

Photo credit… http://www.afrobeat.com

Exclusive lyrics by @bobbywrites
Happy birthday Sarkodie



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