Graduation Plans

The joy that accompanies completing your university education is phenomenal. You are already missing school like crazy and you’d die to have mad fun with your buddies, whom you know clearly may not have the chance of seeing again.
Let’s get straight to business. Some wild suggestions.


Pre Grad Party
This is normally done on the Friday or Thursday before the Big day. Here are some things you could do:
1. Fellowship with your mates who you find well spiritual
2. Visit the spa for massages and extra treatment to calm your nerves for the big day
3. Go shopping, its beautiful to find guys, if you’re a guy, or girls girls to go shopping. You could buy your grad dresses too.
4. Drive around town, no bars, no girls, just a few friends, and explore. It’s real bad to have not a tiny idea of where you’be schooled.
5. Rest before the big day, its good to be relaxed. You don’t want to have any problems with people’s classes
6. Take a stroll along campus, alone or with pals your gender. It’s cool to disassociate yourself with the opposite sex before the event. They can make you forget you’re there to have fun
7. Make fun calls to your pals. This is a move to charge their emotions, at least, for the period.
8. Make a plan on how much you wish to spend for the period. Don’t be too hard or soft on your cash, just blow but remember, even the air in your mouth is limited for sometime.

Graduation day.
This is the biggest day, coolest event. Everyone is proud of their achievements, after all, you can’t do anything about it. let’s have real fun

1. Make new friends, there are people you admired for years you couldn’t talk to. Just try, don’t let them go, they may be your future.
2. Loosen up, forget about your diplomatic life, everyone is leaving for good after all
3. Smile, keep smiling with everyone and if you can, settle your fights
4. Dress your way. Probably let people know and remember your collection that day, like the VGMA.. The ‘bellinos’
5. Take pictures, more pictures, infact many of them. Pose to feel good
6. Speak with some lecturers before, they may have good links in their heads
7. Don’t stay too close to mum, dad, and sis, you old, pictures after grad, kiss and tell them you appreciate them coming.


Post Grad
I know some of you skipped to come here. Fine, there’s absolutely no problem with that.
1. Walking hand in hand with your best friend would be apt for the evening
2. Find somewhere beautiful and share an afternoon meal with people you won’t regret
3. Have some friends over to your hostel and have good fun.
4. Some would go clubbing, tell the girl to put her phone somewhere, you’re all concentrating
5. A thanksgiving mass or nightwon’t be bad at all
6. Play loud music, you owe no one but the city guards if its above the usual
7. Share a passionate meal with your companion, you could make it an expensive dinner, smooth music, smooth dance, say bye
8. Run around campus, its late, no one knows you can be mad.
9. You could do some pretty fun stuff, I call it ‘dare us’ Pass through the security gates, ask them technocrats.
10. Visit a hotel with your companion and have some time for yourselves
11. Have enough fun but remember to open your eye. In case of a hangover, remember to be in the presence of someone you trust to be responsible.

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