Embarrassing Moments

Have you been embarrassed before? Have you been through any embarrassing moment? Let’s see the top five embarrassing moments in these people’s life. Have fun reading


1. James is a university student. He is fond of listening to music with his beats. As he moves along the street, he shakes his head to the tune of the music. He’s having fun, but within his mind, he thinks he’s alone. He feels a heaviness in his tummy and gushes it out. He turns back to see these three ladies covering their noses. And unfortunately, one is his course mate. ‘Oh God, I’m dead’ James exclaimed

2. Matilda wears tight leggings and large tops to the local library. She has to pick a book from the shelf, as she makes her way through the tables and chairs, one stubborn chair wood grips tight to her leggings and it gets torn. ‘Ohh, I covered my thigh with my bag’ She told me.

3. Aunt Lucy works with a colleague, she decides to pay her tithes at church but unfortunately her money is lost. She goes mad, literally, and blames her co-worker who she gave a ride. She curses and insults her friend, the next day, she finds the money in her office drawer…
‘Damn, I had to cry and apologize, a lesson I learnt’

4. Francis wears spectacles, but today he left them home. He’s walking in town and sees his best friend from afar, he starts shouting and running to hug her but unfortunately, its someone else who resembles her much. ‘Everyone looked at me, I’ll never forget my glasses again’

5. Gracilla teased everyone on the block, she is in class five and she laughed at everything she saw. Today is the school’s biggest event, Carols night. She is supposed to catwalk in heels, her mates have ‘meant’ her, yes like so much. As she’s walking, her shoe heel breaks and she falls, some parents even laugh. ‘For two weeks, I had to walk with a stick my mom gave me. I won’t laugh again’, she said.

Thank you for joining me today, in the mean time, if you haven’t read Heaven try to, cos its making waves already. Thanks Fam, happy Sunday…

Photo credit : http://www.sodahead.com


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