Break up role

Life had been tough and I had no option. Eric had become a new creation, obviously, not the one the Bible talks about but the one the other ‘angels’ spoke about. My heart always sunk at the sound of his car horn at night. Yes, because it was either he came home telling me how fed up he was with me or how insufficient I was in bed.
I was not used to the woman quiet and cry life so I also retaliated with all passion.
Yes, I had to leave, on a day he was not at home. Yes, I left, it was enough. When I packed my bags, I could honestly see a massive improvement in my belongings and possessions. We were not married but lived together and attended public events for six months. I had a sixty five thousand dollar ring on my finger, and had three new full suitcases. I had a Toyota Camry and was surely living well, thanks to Eric.
Leaving was a tough decision, I thought to myself, damn, was I to return all these someday?
But I left, I know, girls, I know but please, get me…
The first week after I had left for my house,


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