The crush

Melissa’s Account

Women have crushes, but mine was a crash not a crush as people call it. It was a sunny afternoon, no, that’s not where to start….
I am tall, about 5 feet and a few inches, fair and really pleasant, that’s all you want to know about me right…
Back to the story, this afternoon was different, though the sun scorched I walked boldly knowing that my dream of meeting my real man was far from materialising due to my disappointment with the bad experiences I had with Matt, Jean and Jones.
I walked close to the doorway of the hotel I worked as a receptionist, repainted my face to clear any sweat traces and welcome the next customer. We had had five new guests arriving so far and they were all well to do.
I got my lunch from the lunch box and began to bite my lovely apple pie.
The attendant opened the door, I looked, but took my eye off the one who’d come in. He walked in confidently, had beautiful eyes, wore a beach short and a blue shirt. He had obviously come in for a holiday. Who is this? I asked myself.
He walked close, he wore a T shirt under the shirt and had unbuttoned the top part of his shirt. He looked super sexy, like a model. His smile was just like that of Boris Kodjoe, one you couldn’t forget.
‘Goodmorning Sir’ Hey, he replied, it was a smooth voice, very deep but young. No one needed tell me I had a crush. I did not lust for him but I knew I had fallen in love. We fixed the room and made all the arrangements. He asked of my name and said, ‘Youre the best receptionist so far’. Oh mine, I was lost for words.
He then asked for my name, so did I……
You’ll hear more tomorrow

Thanks to bobbywrites for sharing my story, what’s yours too


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