Sunday Afternoon

Sunday noons are usually boring, especially if there’s no party or beach time to rest or release tension. You may not mind calling your kids over to have a cool chat, probably ignore all the mom dad positions and allow yourselves to have a friendly chat. A new recipe would not be bad at all. Get into the kitchen with a manual and get cooking for the family.
It’s better to keep all assignments for the evening since you would be ushering yourself to a Monday. Man and wife, please learn to reduce the sleep by waking up from bed immediately you find yourself awake. You may be tempted to say so many sweet things and may forget about the Holy meal you partook in. (Get what I mean)
You could also spend time with your pets, bathe them, and keep their cages free. A family movie isn’t a bad option too. Don’t waste having a 51inch tele for you and your wife. Keep the room dark and give it a cinematic touch. Find some loud speakers and get rolling.
Find a book and share with your lover, a religious book would do with a glass of fruit punch. It’s a pleasant scene you wouldn’t miss
There are a thousand more beautiful things you could do in your home on a Sunday but I think It’s a day for the family, and above all, for God…
Happy Sunday Fam… Bobbywrites


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