Val’s day Poem 2… Another try

Bells are tolling
Trumpets resounding
Birds chirping
People chanting
Our future they’re announcing
My heart whispering
Your mind softening
My words resounding
Your ears considering
It’s you I’m loving
No where I’ve going
Except your housing
Where I’ll keep living
Stop the flexing
No more ‘roshing’
I know you’re falling
My love is calling
It’s you I’m loving
And now It’s working
As you’re clearly seeing
We both walking
Now there’s some smiling
Before there was frowning
Your eyes are opening
Great love we’ll be seeing
This time no fooling
My mouth I’ll be regulating
Your rules, I’ll be obeying
No time for us blaming
The dead love awakening
The dead joy resurrecting
The new heart I’m formatting
To reduce the hurting…

For the broken hearted with hope


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