The wrong seat

An innovative story by Bobbyquotes / Bobbywrites
The wrong seat
Our eyes were already full of tears;
it was one of those days where the
sun was bright but drizzles of rain
poured down on us. Sister was
ready as always to ray down her
beams of superstitious ideas on me
when she saw the weather. She
pushed near and began, this means
that dad is going to heaven, she
was so sure of what she said and
that got me pissed. How do you
know dad is going to heaven? Are
you God? I always wondered why a
woman of her age, with two
masters degrees, one in Political
studies and the other, Business
law, had so much traditional fluid
streaming within her brain which
was killing her and she could
barely see the damage it was doing
We watched as the priest preached
and the incense was burnt through
the silver thurible around papa’s
coffin. They sprinkled holy water
around the coffin and said a long
psalm. I just could not bear the
sorrow as the Choir leader raised
the steal away song and the rest of
the choir sang with all their hearts.
They reminded me of the various
contributions dad had made to the
church and the guilt they would
have felt if they did not sing with
so much passion.
We walked to the graveyard and
stood together, I, mom and sister.
These strong men in black and
white attire and gloves with swords
by their sides came to carry dad’s
coffin and stood by the dug pit as
the priest said the last batch of
prayers. Mom’s tears were so
unbearable and I could not stand
them. Dads burial had been
postponed and I had taken three
good months to prepare for this. I
had told mom over and over again
it was going to be alright but she
refused to listen. She always said
“Sandra, you don’t know how it
feels to lose a husband”. But
someday you’d have to face it, I
told her all the time. I did not
know why she had a problem. Her
family members were very
supportive after all, dad had
secured the property with wills and
other testimonials. She had
everything so easy. I think the
most difficult thing for he to
contend with was the fact that dad
was so healthy and strong when he
suddenly died of the heart attack.
Mom had always given him the
correct food, the correct water and
even the correct air as she always
Watching dad being driven into that
man-hole was unbearable but I had
to help mom as she almost rolled
on the floor. People were amazed
at her action because the family
members were witnesses to her
actions when she was a Judge. Once
justice was to be served she did it
with all her might and worse of
them all was when she had to order
the death sentence of the man who
had raped a woman and her
daughter and murdered the woman
as well. It was a terrible act though
but the whole family pleaded
because the man was a family
member’s good friend who has
been under the influence of drugs
for a long time. They said all they
could but she disagreed and went
ahead. From that day, people had
thought death was nothing to her. I
held her firmly as dad was coffin
was covered with sand. We stood
by watching in silence and tears,
our hearts filled with immense
sorrow and grief, so difficult to
bear. My joy at least, was the fact
that we had been able to finish
with all the funeral activities and
all went well.
I heard my cell phone ring, it was
already quarter to six in the
morning and I was nowhere near
waking up that morning. I was
having one of those dreams you
wish were so real. I lazily rubbed
my eyes and picked up. Hey, who’s
this? “Can you not see my name on
the phone? What, you are not
awake; it was sis, oh yeah what’s
up? Sorry sis, I’m so sorry, I said,
with the early morning lazy tone.


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