Staying Home 1


The beautiful temple stood and showed immense glory. Our eyes gazed at it from afar, but we did not know what was pulling us away from entering the building. Our hearts rejoiced when the beautiful voices sang and  deep down we needed the notes, keys and drums. Something pulled us away. We always felt like staying home. We wondered why we never wanted to go. Was it the tall compilation of words by a man in a long robe or suit that got us out? No! We had watched and heard similar speeches and comedy sessions from other people, sometimes, for hours and hours. Was it the fact that we would be asked to sow a seed? Definitely not. We attended bars, watched strippers, paid much and still had enough. This particular day was different. I woke up and called the three, Hai, Juan, and Jo. They were drained and soaked with lots of sleep after the long night of having great fun with others. They all picked up and as custom demanded, an early Sunday emergency conference was to discuss a drastic measure to pay off the debt owed during the previous night. Today was different. Heavy was the heart and I had to offload some things. I asked, doesn’t God miss us sometimes? I asked, do we think we treat Him fairly? They were astonished, I knew. Conscience spoke here, and there was a different feeling. Come over, I pleaded..


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