Hard times

When Joselyn was young her mother died of cancer. Her dad had been killed in a war and all she had left was herself and her senses… Mother had told Joselyn her birth was tough. She’d never liked her husband and his death was a great deliverance. Joselyn knew from the beginning she was good for nothing. Her mother taught her about men and how evil they were. Joselyn knew she would never have to meet one and plan of marriage. She had to leave school at age eight because of fees. Her eyes got red, her life was tearing apart. In a little cottage she resided, taking food from people’s doorstep and cleaning rich folks’ homes… When Joselyn was 15 she had become very weak. She had a disease, she knew it not. She went on strong as she could be. One day cleaning a doctor’s home, he saw Joselyn was dying slowly.. Holding the mob was lots of hardwork and she could barely move… Doctor went to her, carried her to his home hospital and examined her… He took a sample of blood and performed some checks as well.. diagnosed cancer. Tears rolled down doc’s eyes, Joselyn was in a coma now. Doc opened his eyes and gazed to heaven. He prayed and cried to God for forgiveness and implored healing… Doc’s wife Jenny had left and both sons were warriors… Doc wanted to demonstrate his faith in God.. This prayer was heart felt… Doc never had prayed this way before… For ten minutes Doc prayed. Joselyn had ceased to breathe now and Doc had almost lost it, he did not move though but still prayed and praised…. Great light shown in the room and an angel came by, touching Doc and raising Joselyn up… Doc was still praying and he felt a cool wind blowing..Joselyn was up again..I’ll take this one a daughter… Doc confessed… He heard a knock at the door and ran to open just to see Jenny standing at the door… She said, I felt we had a new daughter now, Doc’s face was bright and he hugged his wife… You were right Jenny, that girl was ours…. They moved right up and kissed Joselyn both holding her tight…


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