New Poem – Walk with me

It’s encouraging the feedback for my last poem The Sun Won’t Go Down.

I’m more than happy to introduce you to this new one,

Walk with me.

I’ve been inspired by your comments and encouragement. I’ve been inspired by your thoughts and ideas shared.

Could you guess what this poem speaks about?

Walk with me.

I see you wander in the clear blue skies

I see you looking for the weary stars

I see you touching the fiery sun

Happy, walk with me

I see you doubt your worth

I see you ask my worth

I see you draw a precautionary line

Come walk with me

I see you cast your net

I see you pick my lot

I see you gaze at me

Here walk with me

I see you take a step further

I see you embrace my uncertain culture

I see you ding-dong even harder

Yes, walk with me

I see you take your baby steps

I see you shake your feeble legs

I see you stand strong on pegs

Look, walk with me

I see you beyond the horizon

I see you above the ocean

I see you spray on you my lotion

Fine, walk with me

I see you call me daily

I see you call on me hourly

I see you need me intensely

Now, walk with me

I see you shiver at my name

I see you troubled at my fame

I see you worried at this stage

But, walk with me

I see you cross the double path

I see you tell your worries out

I see you embrace your every past

Come and go, walk with me

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New Poem – The sun won’t go down

I’m happy to write and share my newest poem with you. Let me know your comments and share with your friends!!!

The sun won’t go down

The sun won’t go down

I’m stuck to the ground

Even when I’m up I’ve found

The sun won’t go down

Each day there’s night

But in my night I see the sun

It’s never dark for me

It’s always hot and dry

The sun won’t go down

For my weary soul to drown

In the rot of her frown

When the rain pours down

So I know one day it will

Maybe probably eventually

Having used every synonym

My sun will go down

The sun won’t go down

Has it ever gone down?

Can you tell me when the sun went down?

Did you see the sun go down?


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The Madam Agatha Mentality 1

When I met my primary school teacher after sixteen years, I was so happy about the experience. My happiness was short lived. I’d tell you why… 

So my class three teacher wasn’t my best teacher. We had good times and bad times. Like when she lashed me for being late. That was a bad time. I explained to her that it wasn’t my fault, that my mum had an emergency. 

She called me liar, and spank my butt. I cried almost all day. Good times, especially, when she called my name to read on the board, and would patiently wait for me to read, and correct all my errors. She had that patient spirit. And I loved it. 

But today, I’m working as a senior analyst with Starast Company Limited. My first day of work was pretty awesome. I’d been brilliant in school since my primary days and me having a first class honors in statistics was something I was heavily proud of. 

I went to work and assumed my seat. Workers trooped in to my desk area to give me welcome messages. Apparently it’s a tradition they hold and do for every single new worker. 

Madam Agatha came in to welcome me. Her face beamed with amazement. 

‘Hilda!!! You’ve grown so big, I knew this girl oh, small girl, my student, oh fine’. 

She wanted everyone to know she’d taught me. That even wasn’t a problem. The next few days were almost unbearable for me, even months. 

As a senior analyst, everyone was to report to me, the detail of their daily activity and how they were handling information from companies we worked with. The detail of this task was so intense that I had to be as strict and firm as possible to correct the mistakes my colleagues brought to me. 

Madam Agatha, now a data collector, had developed a new attitude towards me. In her mind, I was still that student she taught some years ago. She decided to keep her data and analysis till I came to her desk for it. 

The first week, I tried to ignore her attitude and kept on smiling, telling her not to worry if she couldn’t bring me her external hard disk with the data and the report. 

In my mind, I thought she was slow and gave her the benefit of the doubt. Until I heard a conversation between Agatha and another colleague. 

‘Aga, why don’t you send your things to Senior Analyst anymore? I thought you were usually the first to complete?’ 

‘Ah, Sewor, why should I do that? Huh, this small girl today’s my boss. I don’t have to do that, even when I want to send her, I can comfortably do that’. 

Sewor was shocked. He shook his head and ended the rather unpleasant conversation. 

I came out of the washroom, and saw the two leaving. I didn’t get angry. I was mad. So, Madam Agatha hadn’t grown out of this teacher thing. And was ready to send me to buy her food. 

The next day, as she sat behind her desk I walked in and said hello instead of the regular good morning she’d expected. 

‘You started greeting hello, who taught you those manners?’ 

Her tone was harsh. 

Other workers looked at me, waiting for my response. 

I smiled and left. 

A week later, Agatha approached me and asked me to wear longer skirts. My skirts to her were too short and I was distracting the other guys. 

‘As a lady you should be decent’. I smiled

‘But you koraa where do you stay’. She asked me. 

‘I’m at Madina’. I replied. 

‘Oh, buy me waakye on your way here tomorrow’. She instructed. 

‘Yes, I think you would pass where I stand and pick a cab to work. I’d walk there and wait. Hope it’s no bother’. 

Now I was furious. 

She asked Freda and Renee to feel free and order if they wanted some of the waakye. She told them not to worry, her small girl would buy it for them. 

You can’t imagine my feeling…  

I’d tell you what I did in the next few days… 
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After The Wedding 5

The day had finally arrived. Was the reading of grandfather’s will. I think I felt so uncomfortable that night, not uncomfortable persay, but that feeling that is common when you have a tough exam to write, and have spent so much time studying. Should I call it anxiety? Well, it was bad. 

Linda noticed my composure. She tried to calm me down. 

‘Yoofi, I think you are too worried about this. A thing for you…’ 

She said, smiled and caressed my hair gently. 

Oh, that feeling! 

That relaxed my nerves. I could tell, over and over again, that if not for this tension, we would have engaged ourselves in a steamy time of love, under the cool December winds. 

Our love was new, the only barrier was our hurdle we had to cross in a few hours. 

At seven in the morning, I heard the phone ring…

‘Hello’ I picked up. 

‘Yoofi, guess you’re coming?’ 

‘Yes mum, we are on our way’.

‘The estate your grandfather is leaving you is huge, you know that?’ 

Now I didn’t know what was coming next. But I was certain even mummy wanted to secure a good share. 

‘Awesome, remember King Solomon, and how he used the wealth God had gi…’

I just looked up to heaven. I couldn’t imagine why this advice was coming now. 

Mum wanted me to assure her I wasn’t going to forget her after I had the money from grandfather. 

‘Mum, I’m driving… We’d meet at the reading’. I told her. 

Driving to the house was like a journey forever unending. Linda kept looking at me and at a point offered to drive while I probably just sat down quietly and stopped fretting over nothing. 


‘Yoofi, let me handle this…’ She asked me politely. 

‘Park, and allow me to drive you to grandfather’s house’ Linda convinced. 

‘Leave me alone, I said I’m fine’. I raised my voice. Not only my voice too, my hands as well. We were currently going at top speed but my nerves wouldn’t make me realize that. 

If tension could lock my man’s function during the honeymoon, what else couldn’t it do? 

I remember my mum talking to me, and my dad, telling me not to worry deeply about so many things, especially things I had no control of. 

I had done that again, crying, depressed, worried, overly desperate about a will everyone knew was mine. 

Before Linda could reply to my yell, before she could convince me that the speed we were driving at was overly dangerous, and before I even realized how much of a fool I was, both of us were under the curse of a huge truck that approached us. We hit into the truck, beneath it, our life’s came to an abrupt end, no will, no more suspense, just me in heaven or hell, I can’t even tell. 

The final seconds of my life were bitter. Before I heard medics approach, fire service and some pressmen record what had happened, I regretted deeply the results of my action. Foolish, unnecessary and immature. 

I had crushed like an hour glass, the sand’s telling of time wouldn’t even matter to anyone now. 

I wanted to fight, but seeing Linda crushed gave life no meaning for me. I wished I could hold her, and make her breathe. She couldn’t move, she couldn’t talk. 

Life had ended for me, so did it end for Linda. I couldn’t apologize enough.

The will was read though. They tried reaching me on my cell phone to know my bearing. No one answered. 

Now, with my absence on this earth, my creditors could go and worry my swift ghost, but my concern is whether you still want to know the content of the will. 

I learnt my lesson the hard way, I’ve been taught the toughest way by life. I’d still share with you the content… 

Grandfather’s house. 


‘We have spent almost two hours waiting for Yoofi and his wife. Grandfather never stated that Yoofi’s absence would stop the reading of the will… I’d proceed’.  
‘I leave my holiday house in Keta to my daughter’s husband. He could decide to do whatever he wants with it’

Yoofi’s mum couldn’t believe it. She was going to swallow the much bitter pill after she heard about what had just happened. 

‘And for Yoofi 

Yoofi was my young grandson. He’s shown me so much love, and I love him back. Everyday I spent time with him sharing my deepest secrets and he always tried to defend others, and asked me to forgive them. 

Even when I told him about my friends I had completely cut off, Yoofi told me to never say I had cut them off. 

He has a very soft heart. I kept reminding my grandson to be bold and tough in life. I asked him to man-up, and for five times I changed the content of this will so I get the best for him. I told him to be a man as successful as I was he should be ready to cut off friends, colleagues and even family who would hinder his success. He wouldn’t take that but argue unending, defending them’. 

So I’ve given him everything. All I have. The money, cars, everything. But because I want him to remain kind-hearted, a man who keeps everyone else at heart, he’s only going to manage the funds in the name of the three orphanages which I’ve always funded. 

He personally doesn’t own any of the money, but every withdrawal is to support the orphans. 
He’d act as the manager of the funds, but still remain accountable to the orphanage. I’ll just want to make his soft heart more complete. 

He’s still my favorite friend’. 

The end! 

After The Wedding 4 

The honey moon had been the worst of my days so far. After a lovely wedding, I had spent my time thinking deeply about my life, and allowed so much stress to worry me. 

I moved to Instagram, then I saw a hashtag on my wedding with Linda. We were trending! Good Lord. That was the best news I had seen. It took my mind off so much. 

The comments were lovely. Charley, you haven’t seen me this happy. The photo studio had released some photos and everything made others wonder, could I afford this? Some of the comments; 

‘This is my dream wedding, OMG, the couple is lovely, the water fountain, I need my boo to do me fine like this’

Onaapo babe 

Another one read

These rings dier, diamond proper o, chai… I need a wedding now’

Farida faya. 

This one even made me shout… 

‘I see weddings before but this one dier no size. I mean, see the couple! This should cost a fortune’. 

Boss Dan. 

Just when I was shouting and celebrating the fun on Instagram alone, Linda came in. 

She was surprised my mood had changed. She had wanted to apologize, but seeing me in a good mood made her happy too. 

‘What’s happening, tell me?’ She asked me. 

‘Our wedding photos are trending’ I told her, handed over the phone. 

She couldn’t believe it. She said the pictures were divine. 

‘I think we just had the best time ever, there are more to come’ Linda said, looked into my eyes and loved me more, I also loved her. 

‘I’m sorry, love’ Linda said.

‘I’m also sorry’. 

We stared deeply into our eyes. The feeling was different. Everything was set aside, and life couldn’t be more special than this particular moment. 

We shared our first kiss after the wedding, and my man was ready to fight! Strong, living and active. Linda was amazed. It was a deep moment of love and passion. Nothing forced, just both of us, making time for ourselves. 

We rolled and moved our bodies together, steamy rhythms of intensive movements. Then we fell asleep in each other’s arms. We were now officially Mr and Mrs! We achieved it, we stayed chaste till marriage and I think God blessed us with an exceptional experience today, the intimacy was unseen… Hah!!! 

The rest of our time at the hotel was spent making love and eating expensive food. We tried new dishes together and made trips around the city. 

All we wanted to do was rest but we couldn’t tell ourselves to stop loving. We wanted an extra day, but our last funds were what we used to book the hotel and pay for the flight back. 

In the end, we had spent approximately three thousand, four hundred dollars on our honey moon. It was worth it, lovely beautiful time. 

On the day we packed our bags, we couldn’t but spend one more time together. We almost missed the flight. That was another highlight of our first time as a couple. 

At the airport, we had to run like children going on break time. We rushed to get our tickets checked. We didn’t care who looked at us. Linda removed her heels and followed my pace. 

When we finally sat in the plane, the last two people actually, everyone we passed by looked at us and tried to understand why we decided to be woefully late. Not that they were waiting for us, but they were just about to take off. 

And it delayed. Linda looked at me… 

‘I love you’ 

I laughed, sighed and slept… I think she also did. 


Back to Ghana. 

We were tired. I spent the night sleeping and relaxing on the bed. Linda stayed in the kitchen of my apartment trying to cook my favourite. 

We both spent some good time talking about everything that had happened. 

‘Linda, could you make me believe, you actually thought I was not there?’ I teased. 

‘I’m sorry love’. 

She wrapped her hands round neck and kissed me. 

‘Babe, I have something to show you’. Linda held in her hand a notepad. 

I opened it. She had written down all our expenses to the last detail. What we had paid for and the ones we still owed. 

As for the loan, we had already used up all of it. 

The outstanding debt was 

Twelve thousand, six hundred and thirty dollars. That’s almost fifty-four thousand Ghana Cedis. 

‘Linda, we’d start paying everything after the will is read’ I held her hands.

‘Don’t worry’, I told her. 

That evening, we said a prayer together. We had just a day more to wait for the reading of the will. 

I called my grandfather’s lawyer, my friend. 

He assured me about my grandfather’s love for me and how he continued mentioning my name whenever he met him for discussions. 

‘Yoofi, this man was always telling us about you. I don’t know the content of the will, yes, that’s with the other lawyer, I think because I was working with him on business projects and lawsuits, he decided to choose another lawyer for the will, that surprised me anyway. 

He’ll join us to read the will. Your mum and grandfather’s other siblings’ children would be around to hear the details’. 

I kept my fingers crossed. Just one more day, my life would change. I slept late that night, did I even sleep? 

Guess I knew why…

Change was coming!!! 

After The Wedding 3.

The deep voice came twenty seconds after the whole family had gathered to take the photo. Don’t be bothered about me saying whole… it’s not really a big family. 

It was Dad! 

Good Lord! This man was transformed. He had grown handsome and his countenance was unusual. 

Mum had missed. 

If grandfather was alive now, I’m certain he would’ve cursed mum louder. Grandfather would have loved to see what a fine gentleman his son-in-law had become. 

For the first time, I knew mum wouldn’t look good in a photo. She could not hold back her surprise at his development over the years. There was something, something, about his look. Maybe mum should have given him some time to change. His ugly flirtatious behavior with women. He never had affairs, never, but the flirting, at least those I saw were intimidating and irritating. 

We took the photo anyway. It was going to be an amazing portrait after the wedding, large and beautiful in the mansion I knew myself and Linda were moving into. 

Sounds tasty, doesn’t it? 

The wedding was superb. Some scary events almost freaked me out. Thank You Lord! It was amazing. 

I saw mum and dad speaking after the wedding. She still loved him. She wished he could stop the ugly behavior he had, but it wasn’t possible. I don’t know the words they shared, but the hug made mum cry. 

Guests came over to congratulate us. My friends were in love with the decor and everything. Linda’s friends told her about how lovely she looked and how lucky she was. Can I stop talking about the wedding now? 

We spent the night in mum’s house. We couldn’t open the gifts and we were too tired to do the do the night of our wedding. It was all about speaking about the moments, how things fared and sharing gentle kisses, till we fell in each other’s arms, waking up almost late for church. 

Sunday morning came fast. Church was good. Everyone talked about us. The afternoon lunch was grand. We selected The Gold Coast City Hotel as our venue and invited only close friends and family of thirty to the event. That cost us about seven thousand Cedis in all. 

Grand celebration. We were not ending soon. We were ready to complete our wedding celebrations with our trip to South Africa for three days on our lovely honeymoon. 

That night, at the Cape Town African Pride Crystal Towers Hotel and Spa, Linda and I, husband and wife, felt at peace than any other day. We could feel the bond and the efforts at making our lives stay together for a very long time. 

For the very first time, I saw the beauty of my lovely wife in full glory. She wore her beautiful morning coat given her by the hotel and after bathing, she came to the room and graced my eyes with goodness. 
I knew this was a great opportunity and would be the first time we were going to be intimate as a couple. I had thought about the expenses we had incurred in the preparations and during the wedding some minutes ago, the stress we had been through and the reading of the will. 

I had also considered the feeling of becoming super wealthy in a space of three days and how my life was going to be transformed. 

Those thoughts consumed my drive. My man wouldn’t smile. I was tensed. Linda asked me to relax. At a point in time, she felt she wasn’t attractive enough. We both tried everything, everything. No action. 

I’ve never seen this before. Linda was worried. Had she just married an impotent man? Powerless? Or was this thing about my new wealth just a hoax? 

‘Now, tell me, what is wrong?, I thought we were both stressed?’ 

Linda’s tone was rising now. 

‘Linda, calm down, easy’. I explained. 

She seemed worried. I couldn’t believe she couldn’t understand the way I was feeling. 

‘Why should you be nervous about something that belongs to you. We’ll pay all the debt and move on. It’s just about five-six days away’. 

Linda had a point. 

Before I could lift my head and call her to join me in bed so we could give it a shot for the fifth time, Linda had left the room. 

Why was my new wife impatient? I couldn’t make any sense of her actions. She’d come around I assured myself. 

Where she had gone, what she was going to do, I had no idea. 

I turned, watched Linda’s diary… She had written in detail every cost for the wedding. 

Calculating the grand total made me scream… I think I fainted briefly … 

After The Wedding 2 

In those few moments, I wondered deeply the path of my life. It struck me to the core. God! What would happen? What were people going to say? 

Guests at this wedding would draw conclusions. I believed some had already started. How I could afford a grand wedding with my meager salary. Well… 

For a moment, I had come back to reality. Did I really do all this with Linda. The people, the decor, the rings, was this my wedding? I was tensed and I couldn’t imagine how quick these few days had gone. 

I rushed to Linda’s side and we took her into one of the empty halls. Her mother, myself and my mother too. Linda’s father called an ambulance. 

My mind in that short time was cast to the many days when we spent our life together. Linda’s happy and cheerful heart. Even at 26, she was the perfect mate for me. She was responsible and dedicated. We never missed speaking to each other in a day. It was a ritual. She majored in language and had not yet finished her masters. She had become my best pal but today, I wondered deeply if all that was going to end. 

After five minutes Linda’s mother had already opened her zip and poured some water on her face. My mother fanned her face. 

Linda began to seem fidgety, as though she had a bad nightmare and finally got up. She was ‘away’ for some seconds and started smiling. 

Yoofi! She held my face and kissed me on the lip. She made me love her more. Both mothers turned away briefly as they couldn’t believe the drama that ensued between both of us. Especially in these pre-wedding days. 

‘Linda, thank God’…

Her mother said. 

‘I felt so uncomfortable in the dress, I thought I could manage the discomfort till we finished the event, but I’m fine. It’s so tight I couldn’t even breathe well’ 

It now dawned on me that both of us really hadn’t rested in these few days of intense preparations for our huge wedding. 

We had to go back and talk to the audience who seemed unperturbed, at least for a fewer sect, about what was happening to Linda. 

‘Linda, you scared me’ I said… 

Linda’s mum and mine and all those in the room had left to speak to the audience so we continue the ceremony. 

‘Were you scared?’, she asked, playfully. 

‘Yes, I was’… 

Linda could feel the honesty in my voice. She loved me more at that moment and I also did. Our eyes locked and luckily, there was no one in the room. Amidst the tension, we found the space to ourselves. I forgot the heavy red lip colour on her lip and the paintings on her face (they said it was make-up) and we took over that single moment, used it to our advantage. We shut everyone out, made the room our world, while both lips kept glued to each other in an intense minute which felt like forever. 

Both women entered the room, this time with Linda’s dad. The scene gave them reason to affirm in their hearts the love we had for ourselves. Whatever the statements popping in their heads were, we actually didn’t care. All we needed was each other.

We turned and saw our parents. The women looked cheerful and Linda’s dad had just asked the ambulance service to retire. 

‘I have never experienced such drama in a long while’. 

My mum said to Linda’s parents. 

They both smiled. 

‘Let me congratulate you for this wedding. We did not have much to contribute but you people have made us happy… Initially we thought it was over the top but it’s been a beautiful ceremony’. 

My mum smiled. She knew I had everything under control. After all, her son would soon have all the money to afford an even bigger wedding. Why worry? 

‘Yes, you are a lovely people’. My mum said. 

Our professional emcee had handled the audience so well. He even managed to make a joke about weddings and trying to find the perfect dress. He was just the perfect round peg for the hole that day. Such an amazing man; articulate, interesting and superb. 

Linda’s dress had to be re-adjusted. Both women used a razor to lose some threads and she felt more comfortable. 

‘You’re okay now?’ My mum asked her. 

 ‘Yes mummy, thank you’ Linda smiled. 

Our second dance into the hall was met with great excitement. I think this one had more energy than before. Linda shook her body and released her all-enticing dancing style. It was a memorable moment. The guests cheered, ate and brought gifts to the table. 

My school mates and friends from work felt they were seeing a different person today. To them I was that simple, humble gentleman who was not extravagant. But I had given them cause to work hard for bigger and better weddings. 

We walked back into the room, graciously and continued to have fun. Everything moved on smoothly as though nothing had ever even happened. 

Whew! What a day already. 

‘Let’s  welcome any family members present for the photographs’ the Emcee announced. 
Linda and I moved to the gaint ‘water fountain’ we had spent days building for the event. 

The photographers came prepared. Directions were easy to follow and you had no doubt the photographs would come out just perfect. 

The family members all stood ready for the picture… 

The photographer announced… 

‘Ready in three, two, one …’ 

‘Wait for me, I’m one of them too’. 

Someone shouted from the back… This person had started approaching. He wore a round hat and a long white overall traditional gown. 

‘Who this was, I had no idea. We all were confused till he drew closer’. 


After The Wedding 1

I had always explained to Linda I had just secured a job with Greenhouse Publishers in Accra as a literary scout. She knew apart from the salary I earned, my grandfather’s wealth had been willed to me. Not her fault though, and not entirely mine, I had let that information out after we had kissed for the first time. 

The feeling was so divine I thought we had dated for twelve years already instead of the twelve months. 

My Grandfather died peacefully at the age 95. He was strong till death and sickness wasn’t a friend. He had battled headaches, body pains and weakness with faith. His mind was his power and his swiftness to rebuke any negativity was as that of a chased hare. 

His estate was large and everyone knew I was his favourite grandson. He loved me back too. At twelve, I knew the location of his safe and the password to it, I also knew his savings and was the only one, when I was eighteen able to withdraw at the bank on his behalf. He had already willed me a car, that I knew of, but for the five million cedis and ninety-seven thousand dollars, my mum and friends had started giving me so much attention, love and care because they knew that money wouldn’t pass me by. 

The will was scheduled to be read on 11th December, and my wedding was on the 3rd. Grandfather’s lawyer was my best friend too. Apparently, he had been asked by him before his death to keep the will sealed before it was read. The lawyer swore he knew nothing about the content, except another hired lawyer who had no interest in the family’s affairs but had helped Grandfather draft the will. 

Linda and I printed invitation cards the size of an A4. We used eggshell for the exquisite design and the ribbons for the seal of our card was ordered from Dubai. Linda’s best friend had selected five hundred of the ribbons at a cost of thirty Cedis each. Her friend had called to tell us about an inferior one that looked great. When Linda told me about the option, I almost agreed, but her beautiful eyes didn’t permit my opinion. It almost sparked an argument. We agreed that night, and like other couples, before marriage, we almost broke our promise to remain chaste till the wedding day, when we saw the image of Christ on my room’s wall. 

Mummy called me that night to ask me about the cards. She even wanted to sponsor, but after telling her the cost of one card was fifty-eight Cedis, she knew I was a big man now. She wouldn’t even spend a dime. Already Linda’s attitude towards my mum was almost uncontainable, they disagreed on almost everything concerning the marriage. 

But later, when mummy knew I had told her about the money, they became friends and shared ideas together. How lovely, and… peaceful. A man’s forever wish! 

My single mother was a banker. Noble, nothing extravagant. She really did not have a good thing with my grandfather because she decided to leave Terry, my father. 

Terry was a soldier. Christian, prayerful, strong but he liked to flirt. He flirted with almost all of mum’s friends. He swore he never had any extra marital affairs but mum called it quits when she found him smooching her best friend at a party. 
She found very provocative messages on his phone a number of times. He argued it was only a game. But mom never bought his explanation, so he simply left after the constant nagging and disturbance. 

He’s now a church elder at Red Hot Christian Army. Our prayer’s his deliverance. Or else… 

Grandfather hated mum’s decision. He called her Jezebel, and their relationship froze. 

Within six days, Linda’s wedding gown was ready. After checking sixteen designers out on Instagram she settled on the second most expensive one. I’d keep the price for now. 

But she looked stunning on the wedding day. The elegant wedding ring, the beautiful bouquet of roses from Freda’s garden and the awesome cologne that we splashed in the air. 

The decoration cost us almost twelve thousand Cedis. What made the cost soar was the beautiful water fountain we spent three days fitting in the room. Linda and I had dreamt of having our first photo as a wedded couple in front of water to represent the power of our bond, flowing as water superfluously flows through a fountain. 

Because we did not have enough money for the rest of the wedding plans, Linda and I decided to borrow from a bank. We managed to secure some good money for the rest of the arrangements. 

On the 1st of December, Linda and I had finished planning the food, water and drink. We wanted a full three course meal, and drinks should replace water if possible. Then, the photographers. Oh my! 

On the wedding day, we had about two hundred guests. Petals of all colours. Gold, peach, turquoise, silver, name them. Then the choir from church had competition from the orchestra we invited to play from the Gold Music school. 

Friends and family couldn’t get enough of the moments of the day! They were all amazed with the stunning decoration, incredible detail, relishing drinks, and lovely atmosphere. We used drones for our photographs and videos. 

The souvenirs for guests were perfumes from France, a towel and a wallet or purse, with our names beautifully embossed on it. 

Linda’s make up cost 2,000 Cedis. We wanted the best. To tell you the truth, I think those few days were simply unreal for both of us. We had to create an impression that would last, we both went all out to make the day superb. 

The wedding day couldn’t end. Friends couldn’t stop thinking about the moments of the celebration. 

People were in praise of my mother’s readiness to make this day glorious. Most people thought she’d lived a humble life just to save towards this day. Everything was perfect. 

Linda’s bridesmaids, six of them, looked beautiful so did my men who gladly followed after me. My pastor was happy to officiate, and we blessed his lovely heart with a ram after the wedding to show our appreciation. 

Our rings were diamond rings. They had been made by my friend’s company, Total Diamonds. James, my friend was able to make his company understand, as deputy manager that these rings could go on credit. He assured them I was a man of my word and my estate was great. I didn’t intend to make so many people know about it. All I wanted to do was assure them I was totally capable of paying my debt right after the will was read. My friends knew the relationship between my Grandfather and me, and no one was doubting the fact that my financial status would transcend in a very short while. Both rings cost 1,500 dollars and we spent almost 1,000 more dollars on jewelry for our bridal train. The magazines we had seen had uniform jewelry and we wanted nothing less. 

We enjoyed every bit of the day. Host of Peace Fm’s morning show, Kokrokoo, Emceed the wedding. He wouldn’t even charge but we had to show appreciation. 
Linda’s family pulled her aside after the first part of the ceremony. It was a brief moment. She had an awesome family. A patient father, an understanding mother. Both teachers in senior high schools. She returned looking more beautiful than before in her kente. 
We danced into the hall together. The feeling was sensational. Friends couldn’t stop but admire the charm in our eyes. I’m certain our wedding was the reality of so many young people’s dreams. 
Linda and I sat on the seat, the lights were switched to from white to a shade of purple and light red that lit the room up and gave it a view I loved. 
Our emcee invited us both to cut the grand cake. Linda and I stood up amidst cheers from the audience, anytime our eyes met, we loved ourselves the more. 
The walk to cut our gaint cake didn’t finish well. Linda lost consciousness. I just thought my world had crushed, and every one would say everything. 
I couldn’t understand anything… I was lost… 

Proudly Behind The Scenes! 

Watch any program or television show. You see the presenters, how glamorous and beautiful they look. The fame, the parties, the deals, the contacts they do establish. How they enjoy all the attention and get to interview great people. 

But we come to realize that there are so many people behind the scenes that make things happen. After your favourite television talk show or your favourite movie, take some time to look at the production team. It’s very likely you may run out of patience if you try to look at all the names that appear after the movie. 

We have to understand that there will surely come a time where we’d have to be behind the scenes for someone else’s star to shine and shine so bright. 

Our world today doesn’t permit that? Everyone wants to be in the spotlight. Feel the full glare of the pretty cameras and hear people scream and mention their names everywhere. In this post I’d celebrate five categories of people who are always behind the scenes making things happen. 

1. Praying Grandmothers/Mothers

Their prayers are like a magic wand. They’re are strong pillars behind our lives, commanding angels and God’s favor to take charge over many circumstances. They are the Warriors on the real battlefield, and they make things happen for most of us. They fight battles that have the potential to cripple their strength but they move on and do not give up. We owe them big time. 

2. A supportive spouse

Whether she is a banker and he is a teacher, or he runs a serious business and she is the house wife managing a provision shop. A supportive spouse would cook for the family, organize your schedule, calm your nerves and treat you with honor. They understand the pressures of a difficult job and do all they can to make the home happy. That’s the positive life. There are so many spouses who work behind the scenes to make their other half shine. It takes some nerve to keep being supportive. Kudos! 

3. Personal Assistants

Remarkably dedicated, this task is one of the most hectic ones. Helping to make major decisions, performing tasks in record time and making things happen for others. Personal assistants go through the stress of organizing another person’s schedule to ensure they are on point. And guess what, apart from the salary they receive, they are not even recognized after a major event. Good job done. 

4. Camera men, crew, production assistants, make up artists. 

The movie creators. We hear of actors and actresses making millions of dollars. They become the stars, go on heavy vacations, get record deals and make huge investments. The crew remain hidden. The role they play makes it almost impossible for them to be in the spotlight. They are always on time, have patience to instruct and go the extra mile to see that a production is perfect. They may have wanted to win some major attention. They understand that to make it happen, people have to behind the scenes! 

5. Soldiers and Fighters

While we probably cruise and chill, someone is fighting to protect our lives. They lay down their lives, and make tough sacrifices so that we could have some peace. We don’t see their numerous activities, but it goes on, in war zones and places with troubles. Thank you our security personnel. 

Sometimes, we tend to disrespect people behind the scenes. People in the spotlight may be tempted to show them disrespect and a wicked attitude. 

A husband may not respect his wife because she has put her education on hold. Forgetting she has sacrificed so much to see him shine. 

An ungrateful child may call his praying grandmother a witch and call her names. 

A television host would feel ‘big’ and give no respect to the crew. 

Remember, without them, life wouldn’t run smoothly as expected. 

Celebrate someone behind the scenes today! 

I just did mine, who are you celebrating? 

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Careful… Call Ended? 

Annoying spouse, difficult clients, troublesome friend. 

Few of the categories of people who’ll make you curse, giggle, diss or make fun of after a phone call. 

But before you are tempted to do any of that, maybe you have to hear these stories. They may either 

1. Make you bold tell people directly how you feel about an issue 

2. Make sure you don’t joke with your call ended button on your phone 

3. Be very careful about pocket-dialing, butt-dialing or hip dialing. 

Ghanaians talk, and the world over women do talk a lot. 

I’d share some experiences from people and mine as well. 


Client Lost

I had this client I was working for. I had just landed a deal to write speeches for this client. He was an influential man and a head of an oil company. 

He sketched the details of his speech and I wrote it as he wanted. After sending him my reply, he called back late to tell me I had not written what he sent. 

So I went back and checked. It was the same thing he sent. 

In a few hours, he sent a different thing to me to work on. Worked on it and wrote it carefully for him. He called back to say my tone for the speech was too calm and he wanted to sound more ‘CEOish’. 

Did that. 

He called again to tell me I had written like the staff of his work and club were his minors so while he drove he quoted verbatim what he wanted to say. 

I typed it and sent it to him. Guess what? 

He called again and said I had not done what he asked of me. In the cause of me trying to explain that I did just what he asked, he insisted what he said was different. 

Considering the workload on me for the day, and me spending so much time on a one-paged speech I got peeved. 

So after the call, I began complaining about why some clients were so troublesome and would disturb people. 

I called him someone who did not know what he wanted, and said he was confused. 

Then I looked at my phone. 

Damn! He was still on the line. Saying repeatedly, Hello, Hello, Hello. 

I hang up quickly. He called again, pretended he didn’t hear my comments, and that was all. 

I lost the deal. Cost me money. 


Wife’s Error 

She had visited her girls. Married to a man she loved. There had been some challenges in the marriage and like girls always do… 

They Talk… And Plenty. 

As they had their convo, girls girls, the married woman had a call from her husband. He asked her where she was and made some enquiries. 

Then they ‘ended’ the call. 

Trouble began after the call. 

She started narrating the problems of the home to her friends. She spoke of how she truly felt concerning her man, how lazy he was and the fact that he wasn’t bringing home money. 

He hadn’t put the phone down yet. She heard someone shouting 


And guess. The mess had been created. 

Another marital peace destroyed. 

3. Plot unraveled. 

Jamie planned to make Lucy suffer for something she had not done. Jamie was Lucy’s best friend. She trusted him so much. 

They worked in a bank, and Jamie had forged Lucy’s signature to a set of documents that would have gotten him dismissed. 

On the night before the morning when auditors would come around, Lucy had a ‘call’ from Jamie. 

She repeatedly said ‘Hello, hello’ 

No response. 

Then she heard Jamie’s voice. He was alone in the room. 

I’m forging and forging till it can’t be see its me. He laughed and giggled. Jamie called the assistant manager who was her personal friend to cross check for her.

Story short, Jamie was arrested. 

Pocket dialing or not hanging up on a call could have serious implications. 

That’s when you understand that apart from people who are pleased to gossip and paint others dark, most Ghanaians and people all over are not able to voice how they feel. 

It would have been simple if we said the truth about how we feel. Than waiting for the person’s absence after all a call. 

Be careful, shhhh… Who’s listening. 

Cheers to a good day! 

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